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    Traduction de l'interface de 3D COAT

    Et je suis partant pour t'aider.
  2. Elfedelazik

    Version 4.1

    Hello ! Nouvel utilisateu et français. Ravi de voir du mouvement ! Merci pour le tour d'horizon des nouveautés.
  3. Elfedelazik

    4.1 Released! (Current stable version)

    Thank you for your great and inspiring work.
  4. Thank you very much for these excellent top tutorial !!!
  5. Hi, 3dpacks I found 2 threads here about installing 3dpacks, tried and tried and tried But it looks like as 100% newbie I'm missing something. I run V4 -O15B last version. - Downloaded the 21 3d packs (brushes, masks, materials, shaders and other) - Run 3Dc-> File -> Install extension -> select one 3dpack in my downloads -> Exit/quit-> 21 times - Click everywhere I can in the little arrow in the top right corner -> folder : Nothing new.(see pic attached) I noticed that when 3Dc has been authorized, then 2 folders have created in /users/My name: 3D- coat V4 and 3D- coat V3. The size of these folders is bigger after installing the 3dpacks so obviously something happened I tried to locate some files by name research, "Tinker" for instance and only found the 3dpack Any help is very welcomed Shortcuts I run a Mac pro 2008. The undo shortcut has no effect here ( CMD +Z or CTRL +Z). The redo shortcuts works fine and both using file menu Same issue with Shift +A and Shift +Z for "Frame " and "Focus on pen" Configuration My mac 2008 is intel xeon 8 cores, 32 Go ram with an..ATI Radeon HD 5870 (No cuda there if I'm not wrong). The ATI replaced a Nvidia GTX285 still here in a box. Should i have the Nvidia back or is this ok with ATI ? Thank you for your help. i am very impressed by 3Dcoat, all its ressources, tuto, wiki etc... Very happy to be here
  6. Elfedelazik

    Manuel de la V4 terminé! VF

    Ca c'est bien cool. Merci Pilou !
  7. Elfedelazik

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all, My name is Marc Saunier and I live in Provence, south of France. My road to 3Dcoat started when I wanted to put some image of my music. 2D and then 3D, mainly with Vue/poser/Daz to slowly come to the idea of creating my own models. I am 52, have two daughters, a former wife since 14 years. I'm a newbie at sculpting. Tried sculptris and just discovered that I loved to "sculpt", had a look a Zbrush which looks great indeed and fortunately talked to a 3Dcoat/Vue user friend of mine. That's how I heard about it. Installed the trial version, tried and here i am.