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    Luna is the youngest driver to race in the Big Racing Cup, with her car, Number 28, built by herself.



    It was a great contest. I decided to create a cartoon scene and used 3D-Coat and Modo on this one. All the sculping and texturing was created on 3D-Coat. Modo was used to some UV, simulation and rendering. 3D-Coat's helped a lot with auto-unwrap as well.

    Hope  you all like it! Cheers!


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  2. On ‎27‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 1:00 AM, AbnRanger said:

    Anybody else having issues with 3D Coat crashing when you've left it open/running > take a break and come back to it (clicking on the minimized instance)? It's happened to me at least 4-5 times this past week, regardless of what scene I had opened.

    Also, has anyone noticed that 4.7 beta has a nasty problem selecting UV islands that aren't even selected/visible?


    Same here regarding the minimized window. Sent a lot of crash info to the support. Hope they fix it.

  3. 25 minutes ago, BubbaDaCaveman said:

    Hi dimitri I won't act like I know a lot about compositing :D but with the first render which I worked on in photoshop I found that many of the color correction tools don't work on a 32 bit image so I had to drop down to 16 bit mode. Also Photoshop does not support multi channel exr, it requires a plug in. Performance is great in Nuke with large resolution images. 


    I see. Thanks! Will try to learn Nuke some day :)

  4. I don't see selfshiness or fear o anything ... I'm sorry. This is just a strict and personal view about rules.

    I seriously think one more month desbalance the whole thing. It's not like "well, more competition is bad". Is more like "well, there will be more competition while I can't really compete". Speaking for myself, I can not spend one more month in order to make my piece better. And I think a lot of people really can't. So I had two months to do my best, other people will have three months to do their best. It just does not feels right. But again, that's only my view.

    Anyway, there is no point in discussing anymore. I just let my opinion on this matter because I felt such freedom to do so. But I do really understand that this contest is good for Pilgway and 3D-Coat... and just hope the best for everyone.


    One suggestion: regular contests. Two or three per year, one or two licenses as prizes. Maybe one big contest annually. This way you can generate buzz for the whole year despite any new software releases.  

    Good luck to you all (me included - will use one or two more days to finishing up).  :)

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  5. 2 hours ago, Tony Nemo said:

    Will there be a few strands waving in the breeze to go with the grime on her face and clothes? A tough call on the face as it might be associated with a bad complexion. I know you want the contrast with clean skin around the eyes, but perhaps something more uniform in opacity would allow it to be used on the hair as well and on the front more than the back.

    Yeah, the hair will be waving!

    About the face, actually the SSS on the rendering make it look a little less "dirty". The hair really need more attention though.

  6. On ‎23‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 2:53 PM, Carlosan said:

    In the UV Room I created new uvs and unwrapped this specific object

    You did retopology and UV outside 3D Coat and brought it back for painting.

    This specific object was unwraped in 3DC. You marked Seams and pressed Apply-UVset. Then freeze happens.

    - What if you repeat your workflow only using the specific object in a new clear project, export the model and re-import it in the full project ? (Paint room > import > model from...)


    That's not exactly what I wanted in first place but It works fine. Thanks.

  7. I hate to be that guy, but I will deliver on the original deadline. I just don't think that it's fair with everyone who dedicated their time and efforts, and planning, and design, and modeling, and texturing, and rendering in order to complete the contest within two months. Now a lot of people have 50% more time to work - time that other people may not have.

    I think you just broke the contest. :(

    Please, do read this as constructive criticism. Next time would be great to have more solid rules.

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  8. I don't think its a good idea to change the deadline.

    Be able to complete within the two months time frame is, well, a necessary step in order to make into a contest. Planning your piece to be possible to create in a certain schedule makes part of the thing, no? Just like real life jobs and everthing.

    Not a popular post, I know.

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  9. This one is a clay render with normal map generated baking the sculpted details on a retopologized mesh. It worked out pretty well. Right now, I'm focusing more on the environment.





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