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  1. dimitribastos


    This is Roboto-kun, a wandering robot with a misterious backpack on a desert planet. Who will he encounter in his adventure?
  2. EDITED. Nevermind. I guess I've made a confusion about the workflow. Thanks!
  3. Hi, with the student version, 3D-Coat shows this message while trying to create a curvature map. Is this correct?
  4. dimitribastos


    Duck Tales for sure is on my list! Next one will be Darkwing Duck.
  5. dimitribastos


    Hei, Carlosan! Thanks a lot!
  6. Hey, folks, I just want to share some work we are creating here in Brazil using 3D-Coat on an online training course focused on characters. It's the first one in Brazil! Until now, we are working with everything that 3D-Coat has to offer, from hard surface to organic sculpt. The classes about human characters (cartoonish) will start in a few weeks, so until now we are starting to learn the software creating some robots and weapons. Hope you like it and will update here soon!
  7. One problem I'm facing with 4.7.36 is that the Smart Material Interface, once attached to a layer, simply breaks When 3D-Coat auto-saves. This is very specific indeed. I need to close the SM Editor and then reopen in order to fix it. Can anyone confirm?
  8. Just to add... almost everything is 3D-Coat, from the sculpt to painting. Render on Modo.
  9. It is better to texture on a subdivided mesh using a subdivision that 3DC creates on the painting process. Later, you export a low poly version of this mesh (the original) and use the Subdivision Surface object on C4D. There, there is a option to subdivide UVs in case of troubles.
  10. Can't pan the câmera on any Room and any file using the middle mouse button layout. Suddenly it does not work anymore. Tried multiple 3DC versions as well.
  11. You can try some of the options on Subdivide UVs inside C4D to have better results. Normaly boundary or edge does the job.
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