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  1. News pass on this one. This time I would like to show a clay look. It was great to sculpt on 3D Coat, specially the environment.


    Baking the details was a blast (not applied on this picture though).


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  2. On ‎17‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 10:25 AM, Dobby said:

    Please proceed! :) I like the cartoony vibe. Maybe the exhaust could be more "wacky" to pronounce the style more?

    How did you achieve the ladder and the pipe near the front?

    Hey man, sorry for keep you waiting. These was really busy days. :(

    I tried more "wackyness" on the exhaust, but I think that it didn't work very well in conjunction with the character.

    The ladder and the pipe was curve brush on 3d Coat. :)

  3. So, I have a really big 3d Coat's file (2,5gb) for a project composed of several objects.
    Then I realized that a UV of one of my objects is all messy while painting.
    In the UV Room I created new uvs and unwrapped this specific object. Made every other paint object and surface material hidden to just focus on the problematic object. 

    Then, when I hit Apply-UVs 3D Coat starting to work and freezes. Software not responding anymore. 

    I7 3770k, 32gb DDR3, GTX 970, Windows 10, 3D Coat 4.7.01 (DX). Tried with 4.5.40 without any sucess. 

  4. On 28/04/2016 at 10:04 AM, Daniel said:

    Image longest size should not be less than 1920px.

    I think this is a little hard to understand.

    So minimum image size should be 1920px X 1920px? Are we talking on widescreen mode, so should be 1920 x 1080px? If the longest size should not be less than 1920px, so can I create a 500 x 1920px image? 


  5. Actually, I think I made it work. It's now working fine on Modo 10.1 even being a beta. 
    What I did:

    1. installed the applink as described on instructions (did a manually install). 
    2. created TWO .txt files on the Exchange folder inside of 3D Coat's V3 folder under Users/Documents. Did the same on other folders/versions just in case. 
    3. These TWO .txt files are exactly the ones as described on the error message when trying to bring something from 3D Coat to Modo. textures.txt and export.txt

    Exporting from Modo to 3D Coat trough applink works fine. To bring it back, inside 3D Coat go to File > Export To > Modo. Nothing happens, but on Modo just need to use the applink and then Import From 3D Coat. It brings the mesh, textures and else. 


  6. The car's pilot mostly done. Will add more details once I see her together with the car, which already is 95% done. 
    The hair was so fun to do. ^_^

    First time ever that I sculpt and model a girl. 


  7. Actually not. 

    If i click on Import tiles as UV set, It only shows one surface material and one UV set. 
    If i click on treat materials as separeted textures, it shows a lot os surface materials (which is nice) but only one UV set. 
    If I click on both Import tiles as UVs and treat materials as separeted textures, 3D Coat crashes. It shows a message error and opens the bug report. 


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