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    PTEX Displacement Empty

    Hello All, I've always worked with microvertex painting, as I utilize deep displacement in Houdini, but thought I'd try PTEX, to get the most bang for my buck, map resolution wise. I'm having difficulties getting it to export the depth info into the displacement map. It bakes out as a flat grey map. If the polys spill over to a second ptex plane, it's displacement map contains the depth info, while the first plane remains blank grey. The scale for the first also reads out as #INF00 rather than a numeric value. I'm working within 4.5.19, but I've also tried it with the latest 4.7 beta release w/o any further success. Anyone dealt with this before?
  2. gerkx

    Windows 10

    Thanks! I'm in the middle of some work right now, but once things quiet, I'll give the upgrade a shot.
  3. gerkx

    Windows 10

    Has anyone here upgraded to Windows 10 yet? Any problems? I found one post from someone in August having trouble, but no resolution was posted, and I haven't found any other notices, so I'm not sure if it's totally ok, or no one knows yet? Thanks!
  4. Success! I went into the sculpt room and hit the torso with the decimation brush, since it will be covered by clothes anyways. It only the reduced the poly count by a bit, but it worked. I was able to bake with no problems... Thanks for the effort guys, I appreciate it. Cheers, Pat
  5. I actually can't convert to Voxels? I'm getting the same crash... I've been able to clone/degrade to voxels, but that removes too much of my detail... but if I just click the button to transfer to Voxels from Surface mode, it has the same memory error crash
  6. Ah yeah, that was from one of my attempts to split the mesh up, which didn't work. Here is a link to the file with a single body mesh & sculpt object: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Ia1AbDFfHtMlBsWS12YW1qMkE/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the help! -Pat
  7. I've tested all 4 versions, DX and GL w/ & w.o CUDA, with the exact same results. I have a GTX 580, and I haven't had any problems baking other projects, but they haven't been as big/high rez/
  8. I didn't have any N-Gons, but I tried it anyways. It didn't help Still getting the same out of memory crash
  9. Hello All, I am attempting to bake my character from the Retopo room for Microvertex painting (the character will be using deep displacement in Houdini/Mantra, thus the MV vs PPP). When the subdivision progress bar is nearly complete, it crashes with a fatal error stating it is out of memory and to allot more Virtual Memory. I have 64gb of physical memory, and 32gb of virtual memory assigned. Watching the memory usage in the task manager, it hits about 12gb of usage when the crash occurs, so running out of memory is obviously not the issue. I was using 4.5.06, but also downloaded/tried the latest build, 4.5.12A with the same results. I am on Win 8.1, if that of use as well. I'm trying to bake to 3 maps, one of the head, one of the the torso, one for the arms, and have tried splitting the mesh into separate groups to bake individually as well, with the same result. My sculpt object in the vox room is fairly high rez, so as to allow me to sculpt in my pores and wrinkles... but it seems to be crashing while still subdividing my retopo mesh, so that wouldn't be it, right? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I'm beginning to pull my hair out of this. Cheers, Pat
  10. gerkx

    Workflow for Displacement

    Ah. Ok. I was under the impression that microvertex was antiquated? The bake to PPP with Disp menu option is a bit confusing then. So what is the actual workflow then? Bake into scene?
  11. Hello All, I'm just trying to understand the workflow I need to follow for displacement (for use in Houdini/Mantra). So, I have my sculpt. I've retopo'd and UV'd it. Now I need to back to PPP with Displacement, correct? And from what I've found here on previous posts, you need to apply at least one level of SubD in order for it to function properly, is that correct? Once I'm painting, my resolution for fine details, painting, etc, is determined by the resolution of my maps, not the mesh, correct? So if the details aren't holding like I'd like, I should increase the resolution of my map? In zBrush, you increase your resolution as you go, then when you're ready for export, you knock it back down to your base mesh for your map exports. But in 3DC, it seems like you stick with the resolution of the mesh that you baked to from the retopo room, with however many levels of SubD you chose there, right? I'm trying to apply some stitching to a shoe with a strip I made in photoshop, using the paintbrush on curve stroke mode, but it's coming out like a mushy line rather than crisp stitches, and I'm working on a 4k map, so I'm just a bit confused if I'm doing things right or not. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Pat
  12. Thanks, that solved it, sort of. The only layer in the tweak/paint room was for a separate mesh in the same file that I had just retopo'd and done a little painting on, but deleting fixed it. I had to save as, so as not to lose my work on the other object, so I'll have to merge it all back together later. Thanks for the help
  13. Hello All, Not 100% sure if this is a noob mistake on my part, or some sort of bug, but I'm trying to manually retopo an object, but in some areas, the quads/strokes/everything I can think of trying don't stick to the surface of the object, but in other areas, it's ok. I've attached a screen cap, where the magenta quad stick just fine to the top, and I can build off of it, but the blue is floating in space. And I've tried starting in a good area and working from there, but once I get to a bad area, the same thing happens. Any ideas?
  14. gerkx

    AutoTopo Centerline extra polys

    I was able to fix the problem by turning off symmetry and deleting all the polys on the other side of the center line. Now I can't seem to be able to figure out how to duplicate/mirror the good polys back across?
  15. gerkx

    AutoTopo Centerline extra polys

    Hi, Unfortunately, 4.5.06 is producing the same results. I've checked to make sure it isn't something with my model being off-centered, or something like that... Also, the extra poly's aren't selectable/editable. they're just there, along the center axis?