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  1. Hi, is it possible to export an .FBX mesh with embedded textures? By default 3DC seems to export the mesh only and the textures are saved as separate files.. Thank you!
  2. Hmm.. I see.. That is rather unfortunate, and I guess it's my fault for assuming that 3DC had this functionality before I purchased it.. I will definitely check out that piece of software, and I really appreciate the response!! Would you (or anyone else on the forums) know how to paint with multiple layers at once? For instance, let's say I have a repeating texture TEX_albedo.png and TEX_normal.png. Would it be possible to create a smart material that paints with both of these simultaneously in multiple layers? With this method, I would still be able to paint with normals that match the location of the albedo map. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I've recently been working on some 3D models for use in Unity, and I would like to paint textures with Smart Materials. For each texture that I wish to paint with, I have the albedo texture + a normal map. These normal maps work great in Unity, however I am unable to use them as a "depth" map in 3D-Coat. Is there a way to utilize these normal maps as depth maps?
  4. That was it!!! I feel kind of dumb for not noticing that button.. lol.. Thank you so much for your help!! Thank you too, kevjon, for your contribution!
  5. Hello, I am a relatively new user to 3DCoat, but I am having difficulties with version 4.5. In version 4, I can easily paint depth with the paintbrush tool. For example, I could select a texture/stencil, adjust my depth, and build normal maps. However, in version 4.5, I can no longer seem to paint depth at all. At any depth setting, no depth appears whatsoever. I'm not sure if I am just not pressing the right buttons or what, but I was unable to find help for this topic on the forum. This is a very frustrating issue, and I really appreciate any help to solve this problem! Thank you! - Cory
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