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  1. Hi there amigo's, So I am have this issue... https://gfycat.com/imaginaryeuphoricjay So it's at the very least the 'Closed Spline' and 'Vertex Lasso' tools that won't allow me to fill this particular UV island at the back of this bit of geo. IIt's happening on othe rparts also, and seems to be where the angle of the camera in relation to the surface can affect this. If I rotate to another point of view/angle sometimes I can fill. Sometimes not though also. Thanks for reading
  2. Hi there, Something I find can cause delays in production when in the paint room are as follows: 1. When I have a smart material selected and then I need to use the 'Hide poly tool' the smart material becomes deselected. I would really appreciate it if the smart material would stay active after switching from this or other tools. Is there an option for this? 2. After the previous situation occurs I also get a reset on the depth setting for my selected tool. This is very annoying and can cause me to backtrack a lot as sometimes you don't notice if the depth is in a negative or positive value (I often use negative values in my workflow on brushes) Also is this a setting I can change to keep the brushes settings after switching between tools/materials? Thanks again for all your hard work
  3. I seem to be able to cut right through on a simple voxel sphere when depth limit is set at 100% but when i go back to a custom voxel object I still get some odd results.
  4. Hey there, I am hitting a wall with the split tool whilst trying to split any voxel object in the sculpt room.Please watch the gif below. Any idea why it cuts off the split halfway through the process? Thanks
  5. This also can be seen in photoshop when I turn this blue layer off. The blue actually exists in the feathered areas on each layer where the brushes faded transparent edges are. It seems to be inheriting (in this case) the colour from the layer underneath.
  6. Okay unfortunately yes this issue is still occurring.
  7. This option doesn't exist in 4.8.32, I noticed mostly hidden at the top of your screenshot that there's a new version It's on by default for me in 4.8.37 so I'll test and get back to you about whether this is happening or not still. Cheers
  8. Heya again, Just letting you all know that these issues are still persisting. This is on version 4.8.32 and it's at the edges of the brush I'm using where the feathering is. I have my background colour and forgeround colour set to 255 red and for some reason it is feathering to 255 green, which I'm using on another layer. This seems significant to me and suggests that it is some kind of hangover from a previous colour that has been used. I hope this helps bring this into focus a bit more. Good luck with it. Thanks again Guats
  9. Hey sorry to be a pain, but I can't see anything about 'new curves' in preferences. Are we talking in the Edit>Preferences bit?
  10. Okay thanks again Carlosan. Appreciate it. Will send the email now.
  11. Hey thanks man, I tried this, but same issue as before. I will note this for future issues though, because it could help me down the line I reckon.
  12. Okay just tried that. Eported as 3B from the layer and then went to File>Import Mesh for Voxelisation Same result, same issue
  13. I'm not sure what 'correct' means? But here's what I got when I checked it. When I exported this back to Maya to retopo it came in at the correct size if that helps.
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