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    Uvs are jumbled in Zbrush

    @carlosan thanks for the reply. Do you mean fliping uvs or polygons ? Is it in Zbrush or 3dC? thanks
  2. karkatun

    Uvs are jumbled in Zbrush

    Hi I uved a model in 3d-Coat then exported the mesh(with applied uvs) to Zbrush. In Zbrush I opened the uv plugin open the model copy the uvs. Then paste the uvs to the real Ztool mesh. The uvs looks normal as they do in 3dCoat but they are actually assigned to totally wrong polygons, they all look like jumbled but the look of the uvs are identical to the way look in 3dC. At this poitn the uv set is useless to me. I am wondering if 3dC exports the mesh with messed up vertex order? I could not figure out why I get that issue. thanks