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  1. Hi guys! I'm keen to know if this problem's being looked at for the next stable build or if it's been fixed in a beta already - I can't use the beta at work as we're mid project. Thanks for any news you can offer! I'm regularly moving between PC and Mac at work (we paid extra for the dual platform license) and in .19 I'm battling the problem of windows saved files crashing mac 3D Coat on load. The app just hangs and has to be force quit. Both have the latest stable build of 3d coat. The other way has no problems: Mac saved files open fine on windows. I'm only working in the paint room. Sorry I couldn't put this in the support/paint room forum, I don't have permission to create a topic. Thanks!
  2. Hey Carlosan, thanks for the reply! I'm using 3D-Coat at work in the later stages of a project with a fair amount of workload to get through, I'm a bit worried about using any build that hasn't been marked Stable. How solid is 4.5.23? Cheers!
  3. Thanks Hexadecimale! Yeah I've been using export psd as a workaround for the moment, good tip. As for 3d Software and cross platform, I use both Maya and ZBrush across mac and windows without this problem, also photoshop and Unity. I've never actually come across this issue with other software.
  4. Hiya guys, thanks in advance for the help! I go between a pc at home and a mac at work (paid extra for the cross platform license). I'm used to slight point release changes causing 3D-Coat to hang on opening files (say a 4.5.16 file crashing version 4.5.14 on opening), it's surprising but I can update and get around it usually. The problem today is I have 4.5.19 on my mac and windows machines and now the file from windows is crashing the mac. This is a a showstopper at the moment as I work from home 2 days a week and really need my files to be reliably portable. Please help! Thanks for any advice, Danny.