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    Selecting Retopo Objects by clicking on mesh?

    Ah okey great! So its on its way? Superb!!
  2. Hi! The basic question is: Is there a way of clicking on the different retopo objects on the model it self to quickly select them or do I have to manually go and check by clicking on each retopo group until the right one is selected? ex. Alt click in Zbrush on a subtool selects the corresponding subtool. Thanks for the help! <3
  3. Hi dear reader! This should be an easy answer but I cant find the way around the issue. I made a model in zbrush, then imported it in the scult-room. But the model is not in origo, so when I want to retopo the mesh with symmetry active, it's not giving the correct result. Is there a good way of moving the mesh to the center? or any other solution? /Thanks
  4. AllinRisks

    Zbrush model is really smal in 3dcoat

    HUUGE thanks Digman! I went straight to sculpt room then Import (the sphere and Square icon) then got the "tool options" selected my mesh and after I scaled it I got the "press yes to remember original scale thing" Huuge thanks again digman, and thanks for the explanation really really kind of you to take your time writing!! Thanks all the way from Sweden to Texas
  5. AllinRisks

    Zbrush model is really smal in 3dcoat

    Thanks!! Yeah sorry for not being detailed enough! Just to clarify the steps exactly: Highpoly in Zbrush - Decimate - Export as OBJ. - Opening 3d-coat and from "greeting menu" importing reference mesh. Then the model is really small (hence the issue and this post) But when using a dynamesh instead of decimated model, the reference mesh is in proper size! Alright thanks, I will try with the import panel while using a decimated model. But did I understand it correctly when 3dcoat exports the upscale mesh it remembers the original size? Or will it export a retopomodel that is much bigger then the highpoly? Sorry for asking, feel like a douche but would it be ok if you wrote an exact step by step process? I did for example not quite get this part: "f you scale the model when importing in voxel mode watch the poly count in the import tool panel. This is the amount of voxels that the model will have once imported. If importing for surface mode, again scale the model to a working size. The poly count here has no effect. Your model will be imported as is except the quads will be triangulated."
  6. AllinRisks

    Zbrush model is really smal in 3dcoat

    I imported a dynamesh model and it seems to work without issues! ( no scaling needed)
  7. AllinRisks

    Zbrush model is really smal in 3dcoat

    Thanks for the answer! I used to import my retopo objects by the "greeting options"-box when you first start up 3dcoat. Pressing retopo and then import reference mesh. Doing this I wont get the "import options" as you have on the image.( And when doing an autoretopo, I cant remember getting the option to scale up the model and new retopomesh.). So my questions is now, how do you get the gixmo options? What is you process when importing from zbrush to not get this issue? Is there btw a hotkey for framing the mesh in the viewport?
  8. AllinRisks

    Zbrush model is really smal in 3dcoat

    Im sorry but, were can I find the gizmo?
  9. AllinRisks

    Zbrush model is really smal in 3dcoat

    Thanks for the answer will check it out later today!
  10. Hi Dear 3d-coat forum! Alright so I'm having an issue with the scale of the model being really small when I import a model from zbrush to 3dcoat. When I take my model from zbrush (my highpoly model) to 3d coat I first decimate the model. Then I import it to for ex. manual retopo. But then the issue is that the model is really smal. When I try to scale it its only the low poly mesh that gets bigger leaving the highpoly still small. Its really tedious to work with a small model because the camera starts to go into the mesh when I turn it, and its hard to work with details! Really love 3dcoat, and wish to get some feedback before I turn crazy Kind regards!