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  1. Hey thanks for that, id love to delite the folders but i have like 260 layers or something ive sorted out neatly in those folders Thanks man, cant wait untill i can keep working on this to finish it!
  2. So i export my "All colours layer" and it looks great in photoshop but when i re import it even on the exact same model in 3d coat only a certain amount of layers show up. Ps: http://prntscr.com/b52joa Import error: http://prntscr.com/b52g7g
  3. So i try to import this psd (that was just exported from 3d coat and not even touched by photoshop) and it simply doesnt have all my layers. Also i don't know how but it really fucked up my clean folder structure i had :'(
  4. Alright i texture my model at uni and home, both of wich have paid versions of 3d coat, at home i can save normaly but at uni it doesnt let me save because it says its a trial or something. so i usualy just quit the program and then for some reason it askes me 'do you want to save' and i click yes, so thats my workaround for uni, also this means i cannot export textures at uni because of that stupid bug i guess.. But the thing is now im at home on my paid version and it will not let me export my texture. Somehow the version at uni has infected my save and i dont know if ill be able to get my hard work out of 3d coat
  5. thank you for that dude, i wanted the option 'rotation around last draw point' which i found thanks to you!
  6. So ive been working on a project for a couple days and just using 3d coat normaly with the camera orbit orbiting around where i last pressed 'alt lmb' but today when i opened the project on a different computer the orbiting pivot is now in the center and is un movable by pressing 'alt lmb'. I've looked in the settings and everything is default and normal. im very clueless why this would randomly happen on this computer that i know has never changed the axis settings. Im not sure if itts jujst a glitch or what.
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