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    [Solved] Relax snaps vertex to one point

    i guess this is a bug then. if i uncheck "auto snap" it smooths fine, but the mesh shrinks and dosent stay on the highpoly mesh
  2. Hi all, when i try to relax my retopo mesh all vertices snaps to a single point on the ground, dosent matter i i use the brush or if i use the retopo--->relax menu. any ideas?
  3. Donwill

    color pick in UV window

    Is there any secret way you could color pick in the UV-window in paint room, I think i was able to do that some time ago(not sure). and also can you rotate the UV-window? like in PS (R-key) would help out a lot when texturing.
  4. Donwill

    Importing from maya, scale issue

    Oh, yeah that was off, but should i have reset that before i export to maya then? Thanks!
  5. Donwill

    Importing from maya, scale issue

    Hi all, i exported a character from 3DCoat to maya to use as a refference for modeling smaller parts/props in maya. But when i import those new objects in to 3DCoat, they are slightly off in position and size compared to the character. any ideas?
  6. Donwill

    Parts of mesh deleted

    Ok thanks! And yeah i know i was in surface mode but the problem started in vox mode. Just tried to convert it to surface to see if it would solve the problem. I have the latest version. Both vox hide and move tool can mess upp the mesh as well, sometimes. Move tool creates small chunks of voxels "outside" the model.
  7. Donwill

    Parts of mesh deleted

    Hi, i have run into a problem a few times now. and that is that the mesh breaks after some time of sculpting. it seems that using rapid tool on voxel mesh can destroy it sometimes and other times i dont know whats going on. is this a known bug? and are there any workaround? can i get back my lost faces? sometimes it comes back when i subdive, but i cant do that all the time.
  8. Donwill

    [Solved] Normal map to unity

    Hi all trying to export normal maps to be used in unity, but they get inverted. So i found out that you have to invert the green channel. But isent there a way to do that in the exporter so i dont have to go into PS to invert it?
  9. Donwill

    After sculpting?

    Ok Thanks! I kinda figured it out myself, what i did was to go to retopo room and imported my maya made model as the the retopo mesh, then i just baked the normals. dident work that great though. So im cleaning upp the normalmap in paint room now, by turning the normal layer to standard blend and just paint. Another issue i have is that i would like to have both the "bar" and "image" shown at the same time in the color palette. Is that possible?
  10. Donwill

    After sculpting?

    Hi all! I have been using 3d coat for a while but only for texturing lowpoly models importet from maya. But now i took one step further and started to sculpt the UV-mapped lowpolymesh. And also texturing it with what i guess is not real pixel texture rather something else PTEX?? Anyhow what do i do now, how do i bake my sculpting and my texture to my already existing UV-mapped lowpoly model.
  11. Donwill

    [Solved] Bake to existing low poly mesh

    Awesome, thank you1
  12. I have modeled a low poly character in maya and UV mapped it. Now i want to take it in to 3d coat and "smooth" it add details and texture paint it. Then i want to bake the normal map and texture map down to my existing low poly mesh with the already made UVs. So i want to skip the retopo and UV step in 3d coat, is there a way to do that?