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  1. JustAnotherName

    Special cutting pattern from human model

    The thing is that (as I remember correctly) you have to have the models in the first place and the unfolding process works the wrong way, namely you draw your patterns 2D and then tamper on your model. So, MD is only in theory the "ultimate" if there is any program who can claim this title. But I am not familiar with the latest version, so I cannot tell if they fixed the shortcomings.
  2. Hi guys, I usually use made to measure models from makehuman to obtain cutting patterns for my catsuits in 3DCoat. Lately I want to obtain a cutting pattern for a suit as seen in the attachment. Can anybody give me an idea how to do this? I have to bring the body in this position with the flexed limbs and then sort of coat it closely with a surface. HOW DO I DO THIS??? If you mention other programs be aware I don't have experience with them, probably.
  3. JustAnotherName

    Comission work

    Hey guys, I already bought a perfect model which is being 3d printed right now. In principle this topic can be closed, sorry for the bothering.
  4. JustAnotherName

    Comission work

    I am looking for someone who can create a simple 3d model from a certain part of a picture. I am planning to 3d print this model in order to create a mold form from this and a latex model from the negative form. Please PM me for more information. Oh, and how much you would charge for it.
  5. JustAnotherName

    Scaling problem again

    Hey guys, I have the same problem as a while ago. Scaling on the model is ok, scene scale, measurement units, etc. everything fine. After unwrapping the upper body part I want is only 4.45x3.75cm large. I am really desperate right now. This has to work. I have some customers for made to measure garments. If I don't solve this it's really bad. Amethysta_1.3b Body.eps
  6. JustAnotherName

    Avatar with defined measurements

    I am trying the model from makehuman.org out now but have measurement issues (they just have too less input fields for hard numbers) and the export of the UV map has the wrong scaling, still don't know why, it's always a factor of ten, but the lengths in 3dcoat are all correct.
  7. JustAnotherName

    Avatar with defined measurements

    Hey guys, I was trying to get a catsuit pattern in Marvelous Designer since it has flattening capabilities. Problem is, you apparently cannot draw seam lines on bare skin as I need to do. It would be a massive advantage to do it in MD, since you only need body measurements which can be edited on the model (no complete 3d scan necessary). Can you give me a simple procedure to draw a similar avatar in 3dcoat with defined measurements as in the attached picture? Please mind that I have nearly non existant drawing skills. Just used 3dCoat and Retopo Room for pattern creation before.
  8. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

    I had to clean up the scan some time because the Autopo didnt work before, but now I am quite satisfied, though 3dCoat had some crashes throughout the process. It's a shame though that Photoscan does not calculate the correct scale. Just one further question, I used AUTOPO w. PTEX, is there a big difference between this and the "simple" AUTOPO option?
  9. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

    Thanks for the tips! I got a reply now from Agisoft and it seems that the trial version I am using does not support scale features. I am trying to get along like this now: -Import model with Voxel sculpting method -Using Edit Scene Scale and changing it until a measurement fits a length on the object Can you please tell me how I can go from here and do something like AUTOPO after the rescaling? If I save as .obj and import again it does't show any mesh now.
  10. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

  11. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

    This is how it looks from top to bottom. -After Autopo. -After zoom. -After zooming some more the mesh disappears (which is bad too). -The last picture shows the wrong scale (It's about 1.4mm but should be about 250mm).
  12. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

    Scene scale is already at 1.
  13. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

    I am using the latest version. The problem is independent of version number as it showed the same behavior with an older version of 3d Coat
  14. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

  15. JustAnotherName

    Wrong scaling with Photoscan Import

    Hey guys, I am using Agisoft Photoscan to take pictures and build a 3d model from people. Previously I was using the Sense 3d scanner and usually used the Autopo import to get a sufficient mesh for creating some cutting patterns from the UV map. With the Agisoft .obj file after importing it is like a point object and after zooming I realize it has the wrong scale (about a factor 170 too small). The Autopo also is not able to build a decent sufficient mesh on this model. Do I miss some tweaks for importing or is it the Agisoft Software I have to be careful with?