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    GPU, RAM or CPU for higher polycounts

    Thanks for the reply! Will try LiveClay and subdivide brush on my next scene. Al tough it's rarely individual objects that take up a huge amount of tris, it's just a symptom of building scenes with high object counts. But I guess keeping a lot of layers cached will help with that. Thanks again for the tips.
  2. Hi, I'm using 3d coat purely as a voxel sculpting tool. It's awesome and intuitive. However I tend to run into slow downs when sculpting scenes around 40-50 milion triangles (at work) and about 70 (at home). My home specs are pretty similar to my work specs but i guess it's the enterprise install stuff that gets in the way. To improve my pipeline I'm looking into upgrading my workstation. My current specs at work are i7 6700 (4ghz), 16gigs of ram, gtx970 & SSD. There are ofcourse alot of solutions, like reducing polycounts, retopping etc. However I'd rather avoid retop since it adds an extra step in my pipeline. Any other tips when it comes to managing larger scenes are also welcome! /Patrik