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  1. Chilton Webb

    Sketch tool not doing what I expect

    Hi Tony, Do you mean through the use of x and z images as well? If so, this is the image I'm using for both. Also, I have a scaled version of this file and a smaller version of the above y axis file, and that one works much better. But it's super tiny and many of the edges are unusably thin. -Chilton
  2. Chilton Webb

    Sketch tool not doing what I expect

    Hi, I've tried this in the latest beta (4.7.24). When I use the Sketch tool and add a mask of a structure I want to build (see enclosed), I get edges around the masked bits, but they aren't filled. How do I fill those? If I make the white areas smaller, it fills them, or if I make them contiguous, it fills them, but not like this. Am I just doing something wrong, or is this a bug? Thank you! -Chilton
  3. In the olden days, I distinctly remember being able to pick a texture, it would appear as an overlay on the screen, and I could 'iron' it onto a surface by dragging a brush around on the surface. You know, like this: Can you still do that? If so, um... how? -Chilton
  4. Chilton Webb

    How would you sculpt this rock surface?

    Okay, found it. Thank you! -Chilton
  5. Chilton Webb

    How would you sculpt this rock surface?

    "You just check to see if the brush/tool has the ON PLANE option in the toolbar (above the viewport)." Hold up, I can't figure out where that is. Is it an icon, or does it say, "ON PLANE"? -Chilton
  6. Hi, Most of the cliff wall I'm working on at the moment looks like this. This is a picture of the real cliff wall. I'm curious how I'd pull off sculpting some of these harsh angles easily in 3D Coat. Thank you! -Chilton
  7. Chilton Webb

    Trim Smooth Border brush?

    Hi, Is there a way to make a brush act like the Trim Smooth Border brush in Zbrush? Basically it uses the initial normal detected when you click, for all subsequent actions, until the mouse is released. Thank you! -Chilton