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  1. Yeah, the Retopo -> Import was the missing piece. I can get a normal map spit out now. Thanks a lot!
  2. The workflow I want is: I have low poly meshes w/ UVs laid out in Maya, import that mesh into 3dcoat, sculpt and paint it, and then export it into Unreal. What I have been doing is: exporting as obj from Maya, importing "Mesh for voxelization" then sculpting, at this point, I'd like to get a normal map and move to the painting stage, but it seems I have to do a bake in the re-topo, which isn't working now, I assume because I haven't retopologized, and I don't want to, I want to use my existing low poly mesh. So, my core question is - what's the best way to get a normal map from a pre-existing obj, and a sculpt in 3dcoat as the high poly? I assume there must be a way, but it's not obvious to me after playing around and watching a bunch of videos on the program. The final step would be to get this set up in the paint room, but I assume once I have the normal map, this will be easy to do. Thanks!! And while the above may not be the ideal workflow, the meshes and Uvs in Maya are already finished, so I don't want to start again, but I am interested in what the best way of doing this is.
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