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  1. solved, was me being silly all along, nothing to do with 3dcoat settings, i had the normal map in unity set to create from grayscale. Working perfectly now
  2. Hi everyone, New user here on the final days of a try out, I really want to buy 3dcoat as I think it would be good for our future projects and have been very impressed with its capabilities. I have a quick question that i'm having problems with though that i would like to sort before going a head, i sure its just down to my inexperience with the software. Going from 3dcoat to unity, I'm getting a 'stepping' effect on the normal maps i export that i'm not seeing in the 3dcoat view, it looks like some result of the voxel process i'm an guessing by the pattens it make. My work flow was sculpt with voxels, Went over to surface mode, done a little work there, smoothing etc Rough auto retopo, default settings painted where I wanted detail etc paint room, whole layer filled with a metallic look export mesh and texture, unity settings in unity using stander shader added the normal map Also i'm on mac if thats anything i've added some screen shots of what i mean, please note the unity one is the stander shader with just the normal map applied I'm sure its just me being rubbish, any help to get me in the right direction would be really cool. I've really been enjoying my time with 3dcoat, and look forward to nagging all my artist friend to get it
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