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  1. The workflows of the export texture workflow i have tried have not converted well. Anyone have experience with exporting textures to C4DtoA, or want to share their workflow?
  2. OK solved at last! Sorry if this is something i should have known, but this is the first time i've encountered this in this workflow. I had to delete the UV tag on the model, then generate UVW coordinates so the model gets a new fresh UV layout, then export to do the UV unwrapping. Then export back to cinema 4d with fbx. That solved it. Thanks for all the help and support, so important.
  3. I believe this is a user here, which even doing this in Cinema4D, this should work perfectly!: God damnit! To be clear, when i import the obj from 3Dcoat into cinema the UV is correct, its when i apply the new UV tag to the other model (which is the same) the problem occure.
  4. Ok, i've tried tonns of things now. I grabbed the model BEFORE i had skinned/rigged the model, which is only lowpoly with symmetry on. Did the whole process with the same funky results. After that i tried export and import all options aviable, obj,fbx,dae ect with no luck. Then i thought it could be symmetry that is doing something with the point order when i collaps it into one shape, but after several tries i still cant get it to work. Starting to get desperate, give me a hint what i should try and ill try it. I've attached import settings. The other forums which i have posted this have not a logical solution.
  5. I got version 4.19. I see there is a version 4.23 out. I can try that, but doubt that solve my problem. Can it be the point order is changed under import or export from 3dcoat? Since from the looks of it the polygons/points are all over the place, or or in the wrong order.
  6. Thanks for your quick reply Carlosan. No, that did not help. I can explain exactly what i have done: 1. i model, rigged and animated 2. pulled out my model from the rig removed all tags that might cause any conflicts on export. 3. exported the model to 3Dcoat 4. unwrapped 5. imported back obj with new UV 6. placed the new uv tag to the model i used to export out of c4d, which was rigged. works. But when i place the tag on the rigged one, even if i pull it out of the rig again it get messy. When i move the tiles V or U they all move in all directions like they order of the polygons have changed or each poly got their own uvset. So weird Im thanksful for all reponse, im stressing out here thinking of deadline (If i use "keep UV" instead of automapping on import into UVroom 3Dcoat crashes)
  7. I have the exact same problem. I've only imported a lowpoly model from C4D which is rigged and done UV mapping in 3Dcoat. When i export it back to C4D and apply the tag to the model i exported out it works perfect, but when i place the tag on the rigged one (which is exactly the same) the result get messed up like the picture above. Is there something i should be aware of in the import or export from 3Dcoat to get the right results?
  8. I figured it out, thanks for your reply carlosan
  9. Hello, I have problems exporting objects WITH layers from C4D to 3DCOAT for UVpainting or voxel sculpting. I got a model of a robot which is rigged and animated, and want to import each part for detailing and such in 3Dcoat. Right now i have to export each part as its own file which is very tidious, i'm sure there are a better way of doing this I've tried OBJ and FBX with no luck. Anything i've missed during the import process?
  10. Ok thanks! Is it "safer" to import a model subdivided into 3Dcoat and sculpt with that instead of the low poly model?
  11. Hello, im building a character in cinema 4d which i will be rigged in the same program. I recently bought 3Dcoat which i want to unwrap and sculpt the character, but the base shape will be build in cinema4D. Im not sure of what the best workflow would be. Is this a good way to work; Model "low poly" with subD in cinema4D and rig that. Then sculpt and export displacement map or normal map for the details? Thanks!