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  1. grampanda

    User Interface Suggestions

    User Interface Suggestions 1. One-Sided Scaling: The transform gizmos would be even more useful with One-Sided Scaling. For example, to lower the height of a cube sitting on the grid, one could press SHIFT while dragging the scaling box on the gizmo. This would move the top of the box without raising the box off the grid. This should work no matter where the volume origin is located. Nice way to speed up work. 2. Floating Gizmo: It would be nice to hold a key and have gizmos pop to the center of the view. This way all the gizmo handles would be available for use on the current volume. 3.Use Only Gizmo: Holding a key down while using a gizmo would let users select and highlight only the gizmo features without accidentally clicking outside the gizmo. 4. Return to Last View Position: I have been working in Ortho mode with background patterns. This requires quick changing between Top, Front and Right views. Switching views usually did not return to the last position and size of my last work in a particular view. 5. Lock View in Ortho: There should be some way to guarantee that the user does not accidentally drift out of true Ortho projection especially when using backgrounds. For example Front shows at the top right of the viewport even when the front view is rotated slightly. This can lead to tracing errors. 5. Tool Option Titles: Tool option titles should contain the name of the tool as well as "Tool Options". This may be troublesome to program but is basic user feedback. 6. Scale View from Cursor: It would be oh-so-nice if we could position the cursor arrow over the center where we want to scale and hold a key while scrolling the mouse wheel. This would eliminate the scale, move, scale, move cycle currently necessary. I have been an advocate of this feature since using Sketch Up. 7. Disappearing Work: As a new user I was shocked to see everything I worked on disappear. I know what is going on now but I spent a lot of time screaming at the screen and exiting 3D-Coat to start over again. There should be some kind of automated message to assure the user. An automated reminder to use the Apply button would be useful to newbies. 8. Quit Message: Most software asks before letting the user quit without saving. This message is important. Please understand I am not complaining about 3D-Coat. I am so impressed with what it DOES do. I just wanted to give feedback from a newbie. If any of my suggestions are already implemented in some way, I would appreciate hearing about them.
  2. grampanda

    [Solved] UI Loss of Primatives Unacceptable

    Tony, If you need an idiot to help with idiot-proofing I will be glad to volunteer. I have done some work with UIs in VBA for Excel and I know how hard it is to account for user mistakes and also provide good visual feedback, ease of operation, consistant operation, etc - all while developing the heavy lifting of the program. I am in awe at the genius behind 3D-Coat and also respect for users and geniouses alike. Would it be helpful to compile a file of low tech things that need correction when there time for such? These simple corrections would put a big smile on the grampanda.
  3. grampanda

    [Solved] UI Loss of Primatives Unacceptable

    Thank you Javis and AbnRanger! Better get a dialog in there or you will be hearing more squawks from upset newbies! Seriously, a new users first contact with a software is the UI. Our impression is formed by how friendly it is. I realize the activity is mostly around correcting bugs and adding new features but I would like 3D-Coat to delight people with the user interface as well.
  4. grampanda

    Ortho/Persp in [Camera] Menu

    Shouldn't the choice for orthographic or perspective modes be a part of the [Camera] menu? It could be listed as" Perspective" with a checkbox in front.
  5. grampanda

    Ortho/Persp Status Indicator

    Hope this is an easy but effective fix. I have not seen an on-screen indication of the current Ortho/Persp Status. It would seem fairly easy to implement. The toolbar left of [Camera] has a perspective box to toggle the mode. Just leave it highlighted when in perspective mode. This technique might be useful with other toggled states as well.
  6. Hi, I'm 74 years and love pandas so I'm called grampanda. I would like to put a picture of a panda on my profile. I'm new to forums and don't know how. Thank you very much.
  7. As a new user, I created a Primitive then clicked on Live Clay. Bam! The primitive disappeared. I should have Applied the Primative but this is not the point. It is very bad for software to do this. 1. Is there, in the real world, an actual need to apply the primitive work? Why not just keep it? We can delete work we do not want. 2. if 1. is necessary, a dialog box should appear upon leaving Primitives. It should give the opportunity to Apply or Continue working on the primitives. The very worst thing a program can do is destroy work.