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  1. Hello digman i got over the import and the export problem and the seperate objects, the applink do it for me, what you think about the shrink problem?
  2. Hello digman Thank you for your reply, the Export to maya button open the window for Export objects and textures window .....i made 4 separate spheres in maya, i applied lambert to 2 spheres and phong to the other 2, select all and export in .obj, import in 3DC for per pixel paint, in the paint objects tab i only have the default, i attached the .obj file sp.obj
  3. Hello Carlosan Thank you for your reply, the settings you suggested will not apply subdivisions, you think applying subdivisions to the model in 3DC is why the shrink happen?
  4. Hello everybody i work in a new animation studio and we are making tests about the pipeline and softwares to make a final decisions about what softwares we are going to buy, i am testing 3D coat to be our 3D texturing software, while i am testing i had some problems and i find solutions for them, i figure out some steps to do in order to send my model in 3D Coat, from this steps is to select all the model and Soften Edge then send it to 3D coat using the applink in maya this is the low poly model and the model in preview smooth 3 in maya Then using the applink in maya send the model to 3D Coat for UV mapping and Object Per Pixel Painting, initial subd is applied The Low poly model in 3D coat is same as in maya and subd is applied Now my model is UV mapped and textured and ready to go back to maya using the Export Object and textures Here is the problem as you see the new imported model is not the same as the original model, it is like as the model is scaled on 2 axis the X and Z the original model is brown and the new imported model is white original model new model Any one had this problem before? i not use obj export because i need to isolate my separate parts of the model and paint it alone in 3D coat Thank you everybody