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  1. I figured it out! All I had to do was use the paint bucket tool and click on a mesh. It was such an easy thing it was so hard to google how to fill the mesh because nobody thought to document it I guess cus they figured anybody would be able to figure it out lol
  2. I have spent so far 8 hours today trying to figure out how to do this, by googling, watching videos and now posting on forums. I cannot figure it out. Its such a simple problem, yet its impossible to find a simple solution. Here is the deal, I have a simple character that has spheres for eyes and half spheres for eye lids.... I want to FILL THE EYES with one material and FILL THE EYELIDS with the other material. But I cant figure out how to seperate out the geo onto seperate layers or simply click on a piece of GEO and have it fill JUST THAT SHELL, i dont want it to fill the ENTIRE THING... I just want to fill the eyes with WHITE and its Impossible. Its 100% impossible for me to figure out how to paint the part of the eyes that are covered by the eye lid!! I have literally spent EIGHT HOURS trying to figure this out today, I have done NOTHING productive, not come ONE STEP CLOSER. What am I missing? Help! Thanks! You can see in the attachment, I'm not trying to do rocket science here...
  3. I am trying to use smart materials, but im getting like wierd, 10% of the smart material results, as if I had multiply turned on or something. But I dont, everything is default and I cant figure out what happened over night, things were fine yesterday! I have tried many different meshes etc, same results, restarted, same. here is a gif of what I am seeing, what setting is on or what is happening? I am at a full stop here and so confused! I have watched lots of tutorials, but have NO clue how to even describe with words what this problem even is: http://imgur.com/CTt0Fbi