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  1. ChiltonWebb

    AR Portfolio

    Hi guys, AR Portfolio 1.5 is nearly ready, and its new features make it serious competition for all of the major AR kits out there. As a result, the price will be going up quite a bit. What was initially a hobby augmented reality system is now a full fledged commercial kit. Stuff like the GPS based location system make it possible for you to build apps for major attractions with a minimal amount of effort. GPS Based Augmented Reality I just wanted to let everyone know before the new version drops, and the price goes up. If you want in at $50, this is your last call. It's going up by a few hundred bucks, and even then I'm at 1/10th the price of some of my competitors. Get AR Portfolio Here -Chilton
  2. ChiltonWebb

    AR Portfolio

    I just need to up my art game. I've been using 3D Coat for years and I still feel like I'm assembling legos in the dark -Chilton
  3. ChiltonWebb

    AR Portfolio

    Absolutely! And to be clear, everything I'm doing in my kit is stuff you can technically do for free. I just make it easy, and set all the stuff up for you. For example, I thought it was weird that the Vuforia guys haven't published an official shadow system that works with their light detection. So mine does. And basic stuff like the UI that auto-senses your model and scales it appropriately, lets you spin it, etc., is all done by magic (or rather, well documented code that stays out of your way). The thing is, it's so easy to get people to 'wow' at a good piece of art in augmented reality. So I thought I'd make an artist-friendly kit where all the programming is done for you. If people want to learn how it works, well, all the code is there and it's really well documented, and I'm putting together some videos to explain how to end users how it all works. I also don't have any restrictions for use here, as long as people aren't reselling my code itself. If you go use this to make an IKEA competitor and laugh all the way to the bank, I only ask that you let me live in your servants' quarters. -Chilton
  4. ChiltonWebb

    AR Portfolio

    Hi, I just added 3D Coat support to AR Portfolio. This is a new, pretty easy way to show off your 3D Coat work AR Portfolio and 3D Coat -Chilton
  5. ChiltonWebb

    FBX Export doesn't retain colors

    Hi Digman, Thank you, this explanation is perfect!! -Chilton
  6. ChiltonWebb

    FBX Export doesn't retain colors

    These pictures are of the file before I brought it into 3D Coat, and what it currently is. here is a pic after I export. How do I make it keep its colors or uv map when exporting fbx?
  7. ChiltonWebb

    FBX Export doesn't retain colors

    I noticed that if I take in a scanned object with "Repair Scanned Mesh", it retains all of the colors of the original. I assume these are vertex colors, but I don't know for sure. The original mesh in this case was exported from RealityCapture and DID have a UV map in the original. But when I finish my repairs and export it, there is no UV map, and no vertex colors at all. How do I repair the model AND retain at least the colors? They're still there, in the 3D Coat file. Just not in the exported FBX file. Thank you! -Chilton