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    Sphere Stroke Mode Bugged

    Thank you for your reply. So how do you suggest I make voxel squares instead of using sphere? I don't see any issues of using sphere lasso for squares, many professional use it this way. That said, I was told it happen because it was too big of a square, so I had to make smaller ones instead.
  2. Revelation

    Sphere Stroke Mode Bugged

    Hi I was working on a project for the first time, while learning 3d coat. Out of the blue the software started giving me bugs, despite trying different things and eventually reinstalling it with no luck. When I use the sphere voxel tool in top down isometric view to create a lasso square, it doesn't work and/or it comes out cut off with jagged holes on the side. Now, the extrude over stencil doesn't do anything either. I am quite confused. Does anyone know what is going on?