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  1. hello, I'm still a little bit new with 3Dcoat, but this never happened before. I edited my texture in photoshop and imported it in 3Dcoat to apply it on the model, then for some weird reason, I couldn't paint on it anymore. so I restarted 3D coat and opened up the file. the 3D model was invisible, I could still paint on it and it would show up in the UV. but not on the model. I made a new file in the hopes of solving it. but the model was invisible again. is this a bug or am I missing something? like I said, I'm still new to the program and maybe the solution is obvious. Thanks for reading. -Bram
  2. o0Bram0o

    3D model gone in viewport

    It happens to all models now, Not only this one :/
  3. o0Bram0o

    3D model gone in viewport

    EDIT: this happened to all models I opened after this "bug", also to models who were alright before this "bug".