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    LightMap UV for Unreal

    Is there a convenient and easy way of taking a mesh i've UV'd in 3DC and rapidly telling a tool somewhere to clone UV1 onto a new UV2 channel? That would do for now. Else, it is jump thru hoops in MAX to copy and past 2 diff UV sets onto the same mesh.
  2. RogerWalco

    LightMap UV for Unreal

    Thanks, C! Question now is: I don't quite understand the workflow to CREATE the 2nd UV Map on a unique channel ID, like I would do in MAX etc. How do i do this inside 3DC? TY!!!
  3. RogerWalco

    Multiple UV sets

    Hi All-- I posted here as well: But, any word on this? I need same rather seriously....and want our office to adopt 3DC as well. To do so, we'd need both UV1 & UV2 (for lightmaps). I'm trying to figure out what Carlosan is suggesting above as well. Happy New Year!- Roger
  4. RogerWalco

    LightMap UV for Unreal

    Hi Carlosan and All-- First, Happy New Year! Hope all are well!!! I now do all my personal UV work in 3DCOAT and am about to suggest that our entire team at work purchases pro seats and so they can use it for big projects. BUT, I'm running into the lightmaps UV0 / UV1 challenge. We're running UNITY and / or UNREAL and need that extra channel to do our best light map work. I don't trust UNITY to automatically generate the lightmap UVs--I want the guys to be able to set those up themselves. And of course, have the usual texture UVs on another UV channel. So, any progress on this feature request or a work-around? I don't see a lot of newer posts. Pls advise and thank you so much-- Roger
  5. RogerWalco

    Materials getting Nerfed when I APPLY UV SET

    Hi Fluffy-- Huge thanks / will review in detail in morn. I just figured out that there can be multiple UV sets--and that my stuff was living on different UV "layers." What I cannot fathom is how it got this way--as this is a straight OBJ import from SILO or MAX....and I never created the layers. Oddly, they are -linked- to the MATs....somehow. So I did bring everything to a single UV set---but then the MATS went with. Somehow the UV set then forces itself onto the MAT. So, still lost my color setup. I tried a test cube w/ multiple MATs and it did not show up in multiple UV layers--it was just fine. My main model must have gotten clobbered somehow....I 'spect if I am cautious in future, I can get it to behave like the cube. I'm also convinced that there is a fix here. Meantime, this model is a little clobbered and no going back...fortunately it is also done so I wont have to suffer. Thx for your help! R/.
  6. RogerWalco

    Materials getting Nerfed when I APPLY UV SET

    I'm currently thinking that my trouble is that i am UNIFYING UVs....which resets everything to the #1 material. I don't really understand how 3DC works w. multiple materials on a single UV space--i see greyed out stuff until i unify....even when the OBJ started out unified already. So this may be my area of weakness. Kindly illuminate me into a correct workflow, O Swamis! Thx- R/.
  7. RogerWalco

    Materials getting Nerfed when I APPLY UV SET

    Carlos-- It is a -great- video thanks, in fact it is part of how i trained myself up in 3DCOAT. I'm actually a pretty good UV guy these days in 3DC. So, that said-- I super appreciate, but it is sortof unrelated to my question! I'm able to UV just fine, it is the Materials loss that is a problem. Thanks much, Sir! Roger
  8. RogerWalco

    Materials getting Nerfed when I APPLY UV SET

    Carlos-- I have the latest release, but are you suggesting i use the Beta flavor? If you think that will do it-I can give a try. I just thought the paint room somehow didn't store my MAT data--and somehow it is reapplying the first material "over" everything else. I had therefore thought that i might need to somehow "import" color/mat data into paint before committing UVs. R/.
  9. RogerWalco

    Materials getting Nerfed when I APPLY UV SET

    4.7.35, yes!
  10. Hi All-- Hope all are well....incredibly grateful if you can tell me how to accomplish this...and ASAP I'm building out some models in SILO3D--and I'm using 3DCoat for UVing so far. I absolutely love it. Here's my trouble: I've marked up my mesh in the OBJ (silo) w/ some simple Materials....then I head over after UVing (3dcoat) to substance painter where I replace those simple MATs w/ glorious procedural ones. Problem is when I hit "APPLY" in the UV room----my material names all get nerfed back to vanilla (all one color, one same mat). What do I need to do in 3DCOAT so this doesn't happen? I imagine I need to tell it something in the paint room etc before I hit APPLY UVs. I'm on a tight deadline so this will hugely help my workflow. Thanks so much--and if you wanna call and walk me thru it I'll definitely return the favor. Roger