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  1. Hello Carlosan and thanks for your support again. I am not quite sure if "show voxels in paint room" is the same as "Voxelebenen anzeigen" in the german version. Translated into english it means "show voxel layers". I couldn't find somethin meaning the same as "show voxels in paint room". I have attached a screen shot. I have deselected it but I still have the same problem using the fill tool (see pictures). The preview windows shows somethin totally different than the result of the fill bucket.
  2. It works with the default models. The preview windows shows almost the same result like the filled voxelobject. I mean the fill bucket works but there is a huge difference between handpainting and filling when I use uv mapped objects.
  3. O.k., thank you. I can paint the whole object now but even though I have installed the latest version, the fill bucket still gives another result than if I directly paint by hand. Is that a bug? And I have another question. Sometimes I have the feeling that in some materials the bump ist to strong. Even if I go down to 2% depth information, the bump ist very visible. Is there a way how I can "finetune" the bump information?
  4. Another interesting thing: The areas which are hidden from light are black. I have a black uv map and I have a black color, when I paint. I think it has something to do with the ambient occlusion. How can I fix that?
  5. Interesting. When I handpaint the object, it works. But why does it not work if I wanted to use the fill bucket?
  6. It seems to work but now I have another problem. In the preview window, everything looks nice but when I fill the layer, it looks rather crappy. I have used the brass material in the 3D Coat default materials.
  7. By the way, I am not sure if all those layers are needed. They have been created by 3D Coat autmatically but as you can see, some of them seem to be double.
  8. The channels are checked. The color selector is not blocked. I have got a whole bunch of layers in the layers panel. Each objects has it's own diffuse, roughness and metalness layer. If I click those, the colour information is there but I want to have the combined information on layer 1.
  9. Hello everybody, I have created a model in 3D Coat consisting of 3 objects with three different UV maps in it. Whenever I try to apply a smart material, only roughness, metalness and depth information is projected on the model. The colour information is missing no matter if I use the preview window or apply the texture. The colour information in the menue is activated. I am using 3D Coat version 4.7.36. Do you have an idea where the problem is? Regards, Ozan