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  1. Yes, thank you!
  2. I may not have framed my question very well. What I am getting at is that, for instance, in Blender, I can import an 2D image as a plane to use as background, reference or, if it has a transparent background, as a part of my scene. The "Sample" 2D scans in 3D Coat's materials library don't seem to be the same kind of thing, or are they? I was wondering how they can be used in a 3D project? Thanks for your help!
  3. I am familiar with how to use 3D PBR scans, but I have never used the 2D scans in the materials library, like the plant scans and such. Are they basically image files with a transparent background? Any tips appreciated.
  4. Missy

    Help With Exporting to Blender

    Thank you!
  5. Missy

    Help With Exporting to Blender

    I have tried exporting my mesh from Blender to 3DC as a .ply; added some paint to it in 3DC; when I use Export to Blender, it exports it as a .obj file. Is that supposed to happen? In addition, when I go back to Blender and import the painted mesh, frequently I can't find it on the screen anywhere, even tho it says it's there. I'm spinning my wheels here.
  6. Missy

    Help With Exporting to Blender

    I think perhaps when I imported my mesh from Blender to be painted, I may have chosen the wrong import option. What I have is an object that has not been UV'd & I just want to paint the vertexes & export the painted object back to Blender. Should I use the "Import for Per Pixel Painting" option or the "Import for Vertex Painting/Big Reference"? Also, if I wanted to try the "Simple 3DCoat" add-on, does it work with .obj files?
  7. Missy

    Help With Exporting to Blender

    Thank you Carlosan and Knekke! I will give your suggestions a try. I will let you know how it works out.
  8. I model an object in Blender, exported it to 3DC for voxel painting & texturing. When I export back to Blender, the object is there but not the painted object. Any suggestions please? I am using the 3DC export setup below.
  9. Thank you AbnRanger!
  10. Hello, I had 3DC on my old computer. I have a new one and now I can't find the 3DC app, even after transferring all my files from the old one. How do I get my 3DC app onto my new computer. I have an iMac. Thanks
  11. Thank you AbnRanger! Do I need to delete my older version before downloading the latest one?
  12. Hello, If I download the newest version of 3D Coat will it wipe out all my preferences I have currently? Also, will I have to delete the old version before downloading the new one? Thank you.
  13. Thanks very much digman!