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  1. I do have the LMB + Spacebar option. I also have POSITION. I thought there were also SCALE buttons and/or input in the tool options panel to key in exact MM values. I guess not. The heart model below is mine. The other one is from Google images of the transform tool options.
  2. Hi, I've never used 3D Coat proper, but it seems to have a transform tool option to manually key in scale values. Is that not part of 3DC printing? Am I missing something? Would seem to be a pretty important option given that we're trying to use real world measurements for 3D printing. Thanks, Brian
  3. cicerone

    Sculpting with pen/stylus doesn't work

    @philnolan3d Thx it seems to be working now! However, I noticed there's not an official beta thread so I just went to the regular download page and got 1.1.09 which has that preference. Also, I was on the official paid version at it was stuck at 1.1.05 even when I manually queried for updates. In other words, their update script at this url doesn't seem to trigger: https://3dcoat.com/download/check-for-updates/?ver=3DC-printing v1.1.05;os=WIN
  4. Hi, I have an HP Spectre 15" with an active digitizer screen (similar to Surface Pro, using N-trig rather than Wacom technology). The pen simply doesn't work at all with sculpt tools. In 3DC Printing, it just acts a left mouse click but doesn't apply the brush. Rather, it just rotates the screen as if the object wasn't there. Any clues? It did previously work in 3D Coat proper. It also works fine in ZBrush and other programs. Are there drivers I need? Thanks, Brian