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  1. Hi, Sorry I don't think particle brushes is the right name for it, I am referring to the smart material brushes such as dirt/scratches etc that only paint on corners. I select the dirt brush from the smart material picker in 3D coat and paint on the object. The brush only applies small pieces of dirt to the object to add a grungy effect (see image 1. I then press Ctrl + P to open the 2D editor in the Photoshop link. You can see above as the brushes show as thick black lines rather than small pieces of dirt in the diffuse map view (see image 2). This is also the case when I select Export -> All Layers Colour. I can edit the dirt brush as a thick line in the Photoshop OLE and when I reload the texture in 3D Coat it acts as though it was just dirt particles and looks like it should be (see image 1). However, if I create a new layer and copy over the dirt smart material layer in Photoshop (see image 3), it loads into 3D coat in the bugged state that is shown in the 2D view in Photoshop (see image 4). I hope this is a detailed enough workflow explanation. I haven't used substance painter in the workflow yet, just trying to get the diffuse map to export correctly so that I import it to other programs. If you need more information I can record a video of the workflow tomorrow. Thanks again, Matt
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with smart materials, in particular the particle brushes like dirt and scratches. When exporting the psd to photoshop, the particle brush's brush strokes show up as full brush strokes. When I load them back into 3d coat however, they look fine, although creating a duplication of the layer will cause the new one to look as it does in Photoshop (full brush strokes). This means that the object looks fine in 3D coat, but when I try to test it in game or export it to another program like Substance painter I get these thick lines everywhere that weren't visible in 3D coat. My guess as to the problem is that the 3D Coat editor can interpret the layers as particle brushes fine, but the 2D version of the UV map is saving them as full brush strokes. Creating a new layer with the same colour/diffuse information causes the 3D editor to not recognise the layer and interpret it as it actually looks in the 2D editors. I have attached some images to illustrate the problem. Thanks in advance, Matt
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