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  1. To be honest, I'm not a good judge of video cards. How to check it?
  2. About it you ask? http://take.ms/MyDTt
  3. The new model draws without problem http://take.ms/TJMRv It seems to be a bug and I would gladly draw in the new version of 3d coat but in the new version I have all objects invisible
  4. I understand, but I have the latest version does not display materials. I sent you a scene, you said you'd test and tell me why, but I didn't get a response from you.
  5. Thanks for the link to the manual but still why does not draw on the model? Here's another record from the screen, here I change different projections http://take.ms/L1h0r
  6. I can include this Preview options only together with the Smart Material. By the way I've been wanting to ask how to еnable this Preview options without Smart Materials? Here I click on the tyling but how does it work? http://take.ms/P30Mc
  7. I can't find where it is. Somewhere in the texture editor?
  8. Thank you! I removed this tick, now works) And why in texture editor paints and does not paints on the model?
  9. I checked everything you said but still don't know what the matter is and what I have to do. I still have textures saved black. And take a look, for some reason in the texture I can draw and on the model can not http://take.ms/iUlrf
  10. Yes, so I tried it too, the result is the same. I also deleted this folder on your advice but nothing has changed
  11. Maybe the situation will be clearer if I show process saving http://take.ms/p57Xb This is the version 4.8.28
  12. I copied but nothing changed http://take.ms/fgEsu
  13. My textures are stored in black color http://take.ms/wrKDu Why is this happening?
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