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  1. Here is the solution given to me regarding swapping geometry when texture painting. It requires the extra step of saving the different geo as separate OBJs, but it works well.
  2. Thanks guys. I've sent an email about the issue. The live displacement painting looks interesting, but I'm looking for something that would allow me to Move and Relax the topology (not just displace it). Morph targets could work as a temporary solution. The ideal would be to have multiple targets saved on separate layers with strength sliders.
  3. I would like to know if 3D Coat has sculpt layers that allow you to perform tweaks/moves on a layer and then control the layer strength with a slider. I want to work on a head object with final topology / UVs and create a number of facial expressions. I want to make them on separate layers and control the strengths to preview the animation (similar to sculpt layers in ZBrush or blendshape envelope in Maya). This will also be useful when painting hard-to-reach areas when doing texture painting. For example, painting inside the mouth cavity or inside deep facial folds and creases. Thanks!
  4. That would be great to send a support ticket. But I think the issue has to do with Red and Green needing to be swapped (not inverted green). To solve the problem: Take RGB and do GRB so the channels are shuffled.
  5. The flip R and G Channels in Arnold could be useful. I was wondering whether I could export proper maps straight from 3DC. If it's not possible, there are other solutions elsewhere (through Photoshop or Arnold settings). Thank you!
  6. This is what I would like to achieve in the normal map export. It's possible to do the edit in Photoshop, but I'm wondering whether there is a setting in 3D Coat for this.
  7. My mistake with the screenshot. I use the Arnold preset and still have issues with Normal maps.
  8. Below are my Export settings and Preferences relating to Normal maps.
  9. Ok, I see... Is there a way to Switch R-G channels on the normal map export?
  10. What are the proper export settings for normal maps from 3D Coat to Maya (Arnold IOR)? In File > Preferences I have tried using numerous normal settings (Software Preset, Calculation Method, Swap TB), but I still feel like my normals are looking inverted in the Maya Arnold render. What is the proper normal map export workflow?
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