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    Quickest sketch workflow 3dCoat to Octane

    The video is very helpful, I've been wishing for a clearer overview of possible pipelines. Thanks!
  2. GimbalLock

    Quickest sketch workflow 3dCoat to Octane

    Sadly, it doesn't. I suppose Bake+UV is necessary as the only alternative...? Instant meshes is fairly quick I suppose, and even though the mesh looks awful it renders ok. I'd love to see 3dCoat's render room get a treatment. A lense camera and being able to organize individual objects/lights
  3. GimbalLock

    Displacement export trouble

    Hi Carlosan, My version was not the latest. I'll check. Though - choosing zero level as black doesn't seem possible from the Export Objects & Textures menu, only if you pick 8 bit then 3dCoat will choose that, but 8-bit gets banding too much in rendering.
  4. GimbalLock

    Displacement export trouble

    I was following this tutorial. Exporting the displacement map through Texture > Export > Displacement Map works fine, but when exporting through Export Object & Textures, I get the result in my post above.
  5. GimbalLock

    Displacement export trouble

    Hi Forum, I made this hideous test model to try making displacement maps. I baked it onto a plane to create a height map for displacement. Preview in 3dCoat looks identical to sculpt, but the exported map has only two values, extreme black and white. Result below. What could be the cause? I exported displacement as 32 bit tif. As exr it just becomes 50% grey.
  6. Hi forum, I often use 3dCoat for creating a voxel sketch, paint textures directly onto the voxels and then render the object in 3dCoat. Done! However, for some projects I need more render features, for example a concept design comprised of multiple buildings etc that need to be aligned with a backplate, have a proper camera etc, so I´d like to move everything over into Octane Render. I know how to do this with a retopo'ed, UV-mapped, properly textured object, but when doing concepts this process takes too long, as many sketches will be discarded early in the process... So I guess my question is, what is the fastest way to get a voxel model with no UVs but textures painted straight on the voxels into an external render engine? I assume that even Instant Meshes will make me lose the freely painted textures in the process?
  7. GimbalLock

    Bend UV island

    Well, it's modelled like this externally to fit into a model, based off a piece of a sphere so there was never a point where I had things straight and could throw in some straight UVs. I want to fit a fabric texture onto it, bending along with the shape, and each puff/blob should have some microfolds around it at fairly precise locations, that I could easily repeat in PS if the UV island was straight. Otherwise I'll have to paint them on each individual square one by one and it would be nice to have a trick for the future that makes such things much easier.
  8. GimbalLock

    Bend UV island

    You mean as a feature request? It would be nice with something similar to Photoshop's warp lattice for UV islands.
  9. GimbalLock

    Bend UV island

    Hi forum, I love the 3d Coat UV room. Like, genuinly - I used to loathe UVs utterly before I jumped into 3d Coat. But - I'm having difficulty finding a way to bend an island, and I have a hunch that it's not possible in 3d Coat. I know the method of straightening loops vertically and horizontally, and it's super, but mostly works for clean grid meshes - for this mesh I can't use it, because each square has a semi-round blob inside it and they get messed up. Is there a trick in 3dCoat for making this island a straight rectancle? The texture distortion that comes with that is ok. I just wanna be able to place a pattern along the rows of blobs when texturing. (and warping one in photshop to fit the UVs didn't really hit the mark.
  10. GimbalLock

    [Solved] Sculpt strokes on reference object

    Hi Falconius, Thank you for the help. When trying the first method, the copy tool wouldn't paint a stroke, but instead the original (ref) mesh would become selected - when brushing over it in a seperate layer as you demonstrate. I couldn't really make it work, I wonder why. Settings looked the same. The second method worked very well, and I ended up using that. It also had the benefit of supporting other alphas than round. Thanks again!
  11. Hi forum, I need to paint 3d strokes along the surface of a solid object, and then hide/delete the original so only the strokes exist as a hollow mesh with the overall shape of the original model. But I can't seem to find a way to put down clay in a seperate object and have it align to the surface of the first - is there a way?
  12. GimbalLock

    Import poly object, used in voxel surface scene

    Thank you. I never paid attention to the Tweak room. I guess my setup is a bit clumsy, but it seemed smart to be able to render a whole bunch of different object types together for a quick scene (and not have to retopo or UV the sculpts).
  13. Hi Forum, I have a scene made up of mesh in Surface mode, sculpt room. I can render this in 3dCoat without retopo or uvs. But I want to add a poly object (UV'd and textured elsewhere) into this scene. If I import it into the sculpt room, it will lose its UVs and textures (understandably), so I chose to Import Object from the file menu. It loads in fine as a poly object, and by ticking "Show Poly Objects in Sculpt Room" I can see it in my scene - I just can't move it around with the Transform Tool. I can select the object and Transform gizmo appears, but it only moves itself around not the poly object. I would rather not have to import the object as a voxel surface and lose the UVs / textures. Is it possible?
  14. GimbalLock

    Custom Texture Resolution not respected

    Ok, I'll report it, thank you for investigating further.
  15. GimbalLock

    Sculpting question, stroke type.

    I learned alot from this - thanks!