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  1. Nevermind- got it. 1.) Import High Poly mesh into Voxel room- (I do this this without Voxelizing it and also change the layer to surface mode by toggling the V next to the layer name so it changes to S.) 2.) this is what I was missing- scale it up with the Transform Gizmo using the center white cube for a uniform scale- THEN you press apply. and click 'yes' when asked if you'd like 3dCoat to remember the scale change. If you do that the program will export a mesh snapped to this high poly surface from the Retopo Room with the original pre-scaled size.
  2. Hi, I imported a high poly object into the sculpt room to use as a retopo reference. It was too small so I scaled it up with the Gizmo. Switched over to the Retopo room and built a retopo mesh over it. Exported the retopo mesh; which is now too large compared to the original high poly reference mesh when it is appended as a new subtool back in Zbrush. What is the proper workflow here to handle scale issues. The original high poly mesh was sculpted in Zbrush and is a proper size ( approx. 2.0-2.0-2,0 in tha software). Thanks in advance- I looked through the forums but must have missed the answer.