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  1. Leigh

    [Bug] Shader Preview Issues

    Thanks again for your help. So there is no way just to reinstall the metal and polymer shaders? Only asking because the metal you sent works fine.
  2. Leigh

    [Bug] Shader Preview Issues

    Thanks Carlosan... that one works fine now. I havent right clicked and tried to edit the shader or tried any of those options... which I think is what I did to break it originally. Let me know if you want me to test that as well.
  3. Leigh

    [Bug] Shader Preview Issues

    Thanks Carlosan Happy to give them as much info as I can or test a fix on my setup if needed.
  4. Leigh

    [Bug] Shader Preview Issues

    I used all of the default parameters Carlosan... using Windows 10. Also after installation I made sure not to launch from the popup window that appears after installation which states not to launch from it if you are using Windows 10.
  5. Leigh

    [Bug] Shader Preview Issues

    Carlosan - Yes graphics drivers are all up to date (I am running a GeForce GTX960). From the comments (those that are actually relevant to this thread!), I am not alone on this... the only other details I can recall are that I was in the Sculpt workspace working in voxel mode and right clicked a shader, selecting either Rename Shader, Construct New Shader or Edit Permanent Shader Settings (can't remember which), when it started happening. Emi & Lizbot... I do not see how your comments relate to the heading of this thread (if it does and you have a potential solution, please let us know, if not, might be best to start another thread so people having similar issues as yours can find a solution easier or help you out. Thankyou)
  6. Leigh

    [Bug] Shader Preview Issues

    Sorry Carlosan, forgot to mention... 4.8.37 which I installed two days ago.
  7. I have having some very annoying issues with shader preview icons not previewing correctly (see images). At first it was happening with the Metal shader previews... which I have just put up with in the hope that they would be fixed after updating the software, but they are still not displaying correctly. Now my Polymer previews are also doing this after last night when I right clicked one of the Polymer shaders and either clicked on either Rename Shader, Construct New Shader or Edit Permanent Shader Settings (I can't remember which one). At first it was just the one preview that was not displaying correctly, I read the thread, https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22839-solved-shader-preview-problem/ so tried right clicking and clicking Refresh this Preview... no luck, so tried right clicking and selecting Refresh All Previews... which caused ALL the Polymer shader previews to display incorrectly. Any help would be appreciated!! I am still a new user so maybe I just did something wrong? Really love this software though for the main part! Thanks guys.