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  1. hoihoi3

    [Solved] UV preview problem

    OK,thank you for your support.
  2. hoihoi3

    [Solved] UV preview problem

    Thank you for introduce. However I dont want to use it because windows move every time I use applink. I tried it just in case but the problem occurred. I suppose the UV set works correctly.
  3. hoihoi3

    [Solved] UV preview problem

    It is important to paint. The model contains multiple objects and materials. Export and Import option are as show in the image.
  4. hoihoi3

    [Solved] UV preview problem

    Probably I understood. I placed UVs in the same tile in multiple UV maps but UV island must be in a different position across multiple uv maps, is not it? However, this problem seems to happen even when creating a new uv set in 3dcoat, how can I avoid it? I didn't use UDIM simply because I didn't know it,so I will study. Thank you.
  5. hoihoi3

    [Solved] UV preview problem

    I didn't know multiple UV map and UDIM. When export from Blend er,objects had only one UV map.
  6. hoihoi3

    [Solved] UV preview problem

    When I adjust UV,another UV set can be select and move. This problem only occurs when select Vertices, Edges, Tweak. I use version 4.8.20