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  1. Hi, hadn't used 3dcoat in a while but now I am trying to unwrap a model and I cant seem to figure out how to turn off these pink edges, they are covering my seams so I cant see where ive marked seams is there a way to turn the pink edges off that im just missing? http://prntscr.com/po9x3x
  2. CaseFace5

    Selecting a stack of UV islands?

    hmm not sure I understand, I dont see any rectangle or selection tools like that?
  3. Hello there! been using 3dCoat for a while now and something I havent been able to figure out yet is if there is a way to sort of drag select over a bunch of islands that are stacked so I can move and scale them all at the same time. They are all stacked ontop of each other to help with the texture resolution since it is just a bunch of planks of wood that dont really need dedicated space on the uv map. http://prntscr.com/lrbw9j Thanks!