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    Textures not looking right

    Thank you for the fast response Sorry for my noob question but how do I increase the resolution? when I import the object I just pick a higher texture width and height or do it with an outside program like PS? thank you again
  2. heymrwho

    Textures not looking right

    I recently bought 3D Coat and I've been having fun with it. The fun lasted until I exported the textures to Blender. The results I'm getting in 3D Coat are not the same I'm getting in Blender. The textures look stretched and the details are not there in Blender. I tried using Eevee, unwrapping in different ways and tried different export setups. Soo this is how it look on 3Coat and this is on Blender UVs and nodes and here is the export setup I hope is something I'm doing wrong and someone can help me out because its been frustrating