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  1. Hi, my Professor found the problem. I had a single retopo mesh for the body and the ears, but I had the body and the ears as single object and not merged. That seemed to be the problem. After we merged the body and the ear layer and baked it again it worked!
  2. Hey, I hope it's okay to write this in urgent. I'll have to do a turn table for an exam. I retopoed my sculpt in 3D Coat and then baked the details on the low poly model. Then I painted it in the paint room and now I need to export everything to Maya since the exam file has to be an ASCII. My problem is that all my maps (color, normal map etc etc.) are empty. I tried to google it, but can't find a solution and times ticking. I throw in a pic of my model and UV Maps. It's the first time I work with the program so I hope this is not some dump newbie mistake.