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  1. Yes, I know that also could be used as a solution, however I think suggestion I made in first post is a lot more intuitive, it is within export menu and it's really logical and it's non-destructive ( meaning, I wouldn't need to delete 6 maps within PBR Metalness preset just to export single map, I would just have to check/uncheck what I need )
  2. on texture export it would be really useful to have option to deselect certain maps in case we dont need all of them and wouldn't want to delete any maps from the list just to export one.
  3. Please make the color palette pop up window within smart material editor scalable, currently it's locked in size and it' basically blocks entire screen sometimes. It Would also be nice if we could dock smart material editor somewhere. thank you
  4. it's fixed on maximized...however, i've never seen this issue before, and now I have to do it every single time I start 3DC, kinda annoying. but it does fix it.
  5. Ok, nevermind...this is a weird issue I just encountered. So, basically, 3DC will start but the window will be really really shrinked down..and I couldn't see it at all. Can I somehow force true monitor proportions for the boot-up ?
  6. hangs on this window...and that's about it specs : 64gb ddr4, 2080 ti, AMD Ryzen 9, 3950 16 core. New GPU driver batch just installed ( problem was present before instalation, I figured that drivers might me the cause for it..but they are not ). nothing really changed on my machine from the last time I used 3DC. Could it be that license is somehow NOT being read properly ?
  7. cheers Carlo for commenting, unfortunately this is not what I meant. Right from the start you can see that he is working with only ONE uv set, one object with one uv set. That part is simple, I know how to work with alpha in 3DC but only with ONE uv set. If I want to work on 3 different object with 3 individual UV sets this I do NOT know how to do and judging by the '' logic '' behind transparency being a global factor and not PER OBJECT I think working with multiple objects, multiple uv sets and multiple transparencies is just not doable in the current 3DC. Maybe there is some info about it somehwere on the net but I kinda doubt it. For example, in substance you can add Opacity map to each object, this is kinda '' basic '' stuff. I kinda hoped this new version will bring many cool features to texturing approach...but nah..i dont see it.
  8. SMEditor size is really really huge, I dont remember it being this '' commanding '' on screen before. Once I open it pop up window completely blocks my entire right side of screen. Also, this pop up is locked in size ( many other pop ups from different tools have similar or same issue ), I cannot manually adjust it's size nor can I dock it somehwere to force his proportion to a normal, workable size.
  9. i'm not sure how this relates to my issue, I have 3 different uv sets and for all of them I have already pre-made opacity(alpha) maps with all trasnaprency info needed, but I cannot enable them all in one project because no matter how many objects I have trasnaprency is calculated globally and it's not based on per-object approach. That does indeed mean that BASE layer is the one that ( if ) partially erased will show that object is transparent, it's just that I'd like to assign 3 different maps to 3 different objects and clip alpha with that. Please correct me if I'm wrong here, maybe I didn't quite understood your reply. thank you
  10. I wonder how to enable '' transparency '' for several objects in my texturing project. I've made a two clusters of feathers and was hoping to '' enable '' transparency per cluster, meaning to be able to see real feather alphas on two different uv sets. Currently it seems almost impossible, or maybe i'm missing something here ? thank you
  11. I've realizes that most of the time when I'm trying to import multiple objects from Maya to 3DC my UV SET Names get reseted to Maya's preference which is usually '' blinn1sg'' and it's kinda hard to tell which object is which at that point. I'd suggest here that perhaps a small '' preview '' thumbnail can be added to individual uv set channel to precisely show which object belongs to this '' blin1sg '' uv set ( of course, level of confusion here is the issue and when dealing with multiple objects in the scene having some kind of double-check is always good thing ) I'll add preview image that explains it better ( at least i hope it does ) . thank you
  12. Seems you solved this mystery, thank you. I guess I expected wrong results
  13. manually changing works, but I'm trying to use inteded shortcut
  14. Sphere tool in sculpt room has a weird issue. If I want to draw '' line '' based '' ON PLANE '' setting, with Z axis as my front axis I cannot adjust brush size once I select ON PLANE
  15. yes, I am on .11 , as far as default settings go I dont know which one in particular, I think I didnt deviate to far from default
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