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  1. tritochke

    [bug] UV UNWRAP crashes 3DCoat almost every time

    I'm using Win version, latest exp build, or to be more exact : 4.9.44. at first i thought this was a random issue, but then It just started happening all the time, I even installed previous versions , completely deleted prefs and remvoed Coat from my machine and reinstalled and reregistered ..and problem is still here
  2. tritochke

    [bug] UV UNWRAP crashes 3DCoat almost every time

    Basically, every time I try to Unwrap any model I get instant crash, i don't understand, what happened to latest build in terms of UV workflow ?
  3. I'm trying to UVUnwrap freshly retopo-ed model, model height is 5 m and width 2m ( info that might help ). Every time i create any clusters and press UNWRAP to see if there's any irregularities with checkerboard i get instant crash, 3dcoat just dies. My model has around 7000 poly's, no holes and no NGons. I've never seen this issue before in earlier versions of build, so can someone point me in the right direction, perhaps I'm missing something here ? also, if someone has exact issues pls report them here so that we can compare. Thank you N.
  4. tritochke

    Retopo tools question

    I see, thank you for explanation. This is something I will def try out, thx
  5. tritochke

    Retopo tools question

    sry, can you explain what you mean by this ? ur message is confusing me
  6. tritochke

    Retopo tools question

    Why do you assume I am obsessed with Blender ? Please, focus on what I was saying about possibility of new tools in 3DCoat, namely tools for retopo, to make it more faster then it is atm. I have retopo-ed at least few hundred models so far in 3DCoat and it is still my number one program for retopo, how I came across to you as obsessed with Blender I really don't know . Since I only asked if somebody has any info regarding new updates and potential plans from devs to add new tools for retopo I don't really understand your need to comment in the first place since you obviously don't have that kind of information. As of you opinion about what is good retopo practice and what is not you'll have to excuse me but I don't rlly give a damn.
  7. tritochke

    Retopo tools question

    hello Ive been active 3DCoat user for over one year now and even though I truly enjoy retopo and all the tools available in Coat since I feel they give me proper advantage when it comes to retopo I can't shake the feeling as of late that Coat is beginning to fall behind when it comes to updating current tool pallete. For example, Blender showed it's recently added retopo tool : and that is something I would really like to see in future Coat's updates, if possible. Can someone confirm that devs are indeed looking into this seriously ? that would be neat Thank you
  8. tritochke

    retopo reference object - import and voxelization question

    Hi Carlosan I have, thank you for ur reply, however this did not help me out but I kinda figured out that issue was not in 3dcoat but rather in zbrush. On import Zbrush somehow baked it's shaders onto my reference model and so I couldn't really get proper results in 3dcoat because of that, so I just exported my high poly ref from zbrush again but this turned off any ppaint visible/invisible on the model and it's worked flawlessly. However, I'm having really big issues with ver 4.9.19 and high poly references, earlier when I used 4.5 version 3dcoat was able to import pretty dense meshes ( up to 20 mil poly's ) in the scene and now, with 4.9.19 crashes even on 1 mil. so, y, I know it's a beta phase, i'll wait till devs pick up on this and fix it or revert it back ( or maybe even make it better then before ) we can dream can we thx man
  9. tritochke

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    In ver 4.9.19 which I am currently testing out Ive noticed a really strange problem with layers within retopo room, both sculpttree and retopo objects layers are buged, and what I mean by that is if you try to hide / show particular layer in both of these panels they will hide every other layer ( NOT connected to them by any hierarchy, meaning this selected object that I am trying to hide is not parent to others, its single mesh totally unrelated ) . If you switch then all your layers in the panel on OR off several times 3dcoat will not hide selected layer sometimes, sometimes it will rename ALL existing layer with the same name as the layer you selected last...just, i cannot even explain the scope of these glitches, they are all random and they all have to do with hiding, naming and positioning of the existing layers, in other words....it's bad
  10. tritochke

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Hi devs I am currently using 4.9.19 ver and off the bat i've noticed one serious problem with importing huge reference meshes using Voxel Sculpting option ( welcome screen ). Prior to this version It was possible to import really high ref meshes usually aroun 15 to 20 Mil poly's, but now this option is not possible anymore and If I try to import really low reference mesh, lets say 1 Mil 3DCoat will crash every time, no exceptions. I kinda hoped that with new updates 3DCoat would be able to handle even bigger reference object then 20 Mil, not loose this option in the process. Can anyone confirm this, any similar issues with heavy object handling ? thank you
  11. hi all I'm trying to retopo one model, my reference object came from zbrush and has roughly about 1 million poly's. few steps to explain my workflow : 1 : I select voxel sculpting ( through welcome screen category list ) and browse my reference model from disk in order to import it. 2 : Pop up window opens up and gives me several option to choose from, I usually leave all options turned OFF except : Leave rotated axis, Import w/o voxelization, respect negative volume 3 : 4DCoat asks me If I wish to leave scale of the object as it is and I always choose yes because I need it to be in the exact position for NMBake later on. Now, what is really strange is this, usually when I follow these simple steps that I've learned in one of numerous tutorials on how to properly import high resolution meshes into 3dcoat my imported reference model when I switch from sculpt room to retopo room is in YELLOW color, but now it is in WHITE. Didn't think much about it initially, i thought this might just be something 3DCoat does randomly but then I realized that If I switch to Render room and try to apply any type of shader onto my model none of them work, at all !? So, my guess is this is not a proper way to import reference object or I missed one step in the process, or this could be easily fixed somehow ? any help is greatly appreciated, sry If I ask silly question here, forum search didn't came up with any potential lead onto why this might be happening and I'm really still learning 3dcoat logic. thnx N.
  12. Hi all best of luck to ya all in 2020 ! :) I'm currently using 4.9.17 ver and so far i haven't any issues except that my Smart materials properties window is for some reason now locked in place when started, meaning I cannot move it around freely across my viewport like before. Anyone else have this problem and if so how do i fix this ? and of course, if so, why was this selected as a '' good design choice '' ? strange all best N.
  13. tritochke

    Issues with Clip mask layers

    Hi Carlosan I cannot replicate this issue here as well, sry about that, problem is that my scene was so big ( 7gb ) that 3dcoat just decided that my 32 gb ram is not enough anymore and therefore i couldn't replicate issue. I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind if and when this issue happens again.Many thx N.
  14. Hi peeps ! I've stumbled upon this frost ice SMaterials pack on Artstation, could be interesting to someone https://www.artstation.com/owlygamereadyassets/store/aNbn/frost-ice-smart-materials-pack-3dcoat Peace !
  15. tritochke

    Issues with Clip mask layers

    Yes, indeed I am using latest version