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  1. tritochke

    BOGLAND monster WIP / personal project

    thank you
  2. my ongoing project, majority of work I do is in 3DCoat / animated in Maya and Akeytsu https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kD8kdd https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Xnw5Ny cheers for watching. Peace
  3. maybe someone will find this useful, found it on Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YeOgYb
  4. tritochke

    Smart Materials broken :( ?!

    hi all, little update on the situation regarding '' smart materials '' thumbnail preview, I'm doing my best to try and replicate this problem from ground up in order to see if there is some sort of pattern to it, but I've not had any luck with that, even two days ago when I was finishing textures on one simple character issue was present each time I created new material so I have to conclude this happens on random. If I may propose this thread stays open till I see this issue again and I'll share my materials immediately when that happens. I've also had an idea about potential source of this problem and it concerns environment map, lately i've started using new Hdri map and I haven't ''normalised it '' inside 3DCoat, so, roughly around that time this issue with material preview started to appear, soo, perhaps this is somehow related to EnvMap , just a guess ?!? As far as materials not being correctly applied I'm sorry I cannot dig out that particular material, I believe I simply deleted it believing that something is wrong with it and opt-ed out for different material/approach for that texture all together. Also, If I see this issue again I'll share this image and material immediately on this thread. thank you for reaching out and helping me, I appreciate it. N.
  5. tritochke

    Smart Materials broken :( ?!

    Interesting though, however, my material is simply a small 100x100 px white layer, I'm using it only as a base that I then colourise in Coat. So, basically, it's almost resolution independent you could say. As far as resolution of my map is concerned it's 4K so it's should show all the necessary details within preview window, because my NM is showing them as well, so they are present in the map. As far as depth goes, i've never touched it, it's basically on default. being '' locked '', and since I haven't used any depth details in my material and I'm only painting here with solid colours ( all the depth details you see here are from my NM, not material ) I highly doubt that it's the root of this problem. I appreciate your take on it, thank you and yes, i'll def share materials, maybe you'll see better what i'm doing wrong here, and of course if perhaps this is indeed a bug. thank u ! N. p.s. just give me some time to organise this share folder, i'll try and share it asap. cheers
  6. tritochke

    Smart Materials broken :( ?!

    Yes, all 3 channels are indeed active, I'll send you my materials asap.
  7. tritochke

    Smart Materials broken :( ?!

    Hi Carlosan, I'm only using GL version, never used anything else
  8. I'm currently using latest beta build .59 and few days ago I've noticed issues with smart material preview not being updated in thumbnail which renders all my newly created materials to look transparent, and of course you can imagine this leaves me clueless as to which material I'm actually using. I've tried to reinstall coat in order to try and fix this issue and for a moment I thought I succeeded, then I realised that issue is still here still, every time I make new material. Ok, so, this is one problem which I don't know how to fix, manually refreshing materials DO NOT work. My second issue i'm experiencing at the moment is even bigger one and it's also related to materials and how they are being perceived through the viewport '' preview '' window and the actual application onto the layer itself. i'll add image below to show you exactly what I mean. basically, probl is that when I view material in preview window it looks OK - BUT when I apply it to the layer via paint brush or fill bucket material is not correct.
  9. tritochke

    Material preview broken ?

    p.s updated to .59, no more issues regarding preview.
  10. tritochke

    Material preview broken ?

    Hei Digman, well, probl is not with anything else other then preview, meaning I cannot see my newly created materials in my smart materials panel. I'm using GI, i haven't accidentally switched these mods off, and I think even if that was the case materials should be properly displayed in the panel. that's basically it, and, silly thing is it worked 3 days ago i'll try to upgrade, prob the best solution there is. cheers
  11. tritochke

    Material preview broken ?

    Hi peeps I'm having issues with smart material preview, basically, it gives me a transparent blend looking preview that does not indicate anything about the selected material. ver. i'm using is : 4.9.49
  12. tritochke

    PIKE model and animation

    Hi. I've decided to share some work I've made lately, so here we go : Pike model, sculpted in Zbrush, retopo-ed in 3DC an also textured in 3DC and finally animated in Maya. Model is meant to be a part of a bigger pack which I'm hoping I'll make available for purchase soon. hope you digg it, cheers for checking my stuff out. N. PikeSwim1.mp4 PikeSwim2.mp4 PikeSwim3.mp4
  13. Nevermind, my girlfriend tried it on her machine and link definitely works, i'll have to check this somewhere else internally, sry for this. all good
  14. hi devs, i think Pilgway link is broken, or infected perhaps ?! my malverbytes blocks this every time, windows block it too and i cannot access this version. can somebody confirm this, so that i'm not the only one, thx all best N
  15. tritochke

    Retopo tools question

    I see, thank you for explanation. This is something I will def try out, thx