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    [Solved] I need help, can't stop erasing.

    You my good sir, are a life-saver. Thank you so much! I'll keep in mind that option if it ever happens again. Thank you!
  2. Cherrydoyen

    [Solved] I need help, can't stop erasing.

    I recently started to get back into 3d coat, and decided to go back into my 4.5 version, but after fooling around and having my cat stupidly run across my keyboard after being spooked, I can't seem to paint on the models I'm using anymore? Whenever I go to draw or color on any part of the model, it erases instead of coloring. I've looked through the settings, tried all the keybinds, uninstalled and reinstalled probably about 10 times, restarted my computer about 4 times, unplugged and even restarted my tablet drivers, and nothing. Can someone help out?