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  1. Hi, I have propabally quite dumb question, but I need to try. Is there any way to export model that I made in 3dCoat to Keyshot, but with all the textures, stamps, normals etc, but without retopology process and UVs? I presume thats not possible, but who knows...:)
  2. AndrewG

    [Feature] Sharper Vox Hide

    Vox hide is propabally one of the most often used tools, especially when making hard surface modelling. But I wonder, is there any way to make effect of the Vox Hide tool alolng with Objectify Hidden more sharp? Yes, I know that this bevelled effect looks really cool, but sometime I would like to make it a little bit smaller? Is there any way to achieve it? I tried to increaseobject resolution but I figured it that from certain moment no matter what resolution will object have, this bevel will always have similar look.
  3. Hi Carlosan, Sorry to bother you. I found a simple solution. I had to reset scene scale ("Geometry" menu > Edit Scene Scale > set everything to 0) and it worked as it should.
  4. Hi, I want to use in my model some subtractive obj model (from here: https://gumroad.com/l/GTbjm). When I choose one of the 3d models from this pack and I set "On Brush" in "Import tool" option I can see that this object is far beyond center of the brush. It is impossible for me to precise place the object where I want. I tried to fix it by going into "transform" place option and play with scale and axis, but when I returned into On brush option again nothing changed. Is there something wrong I`m doing? This is strange, because when I start new file with some basic cube everything seems to be fine. So propabally I set something off in my scene settings but I`m not sure where to find it.
  5. AndrewG

    Alphas resolution in surface mode

    Hi, Yes, I tried to increase detail. Even to some ridiculous values like 10 and 50. On first image I tried to apply alphas on high density voxel object (2m polys). And it wasnt nice. On the second I switched to surface. As you can see the small detail is still sharp - so the density of the mesh should be enough. But the alpha brush itself is quite blurred. This alphas are very sharp and has app 3000px size. Is there something wrong that I`m doing?
  6. Hi, I want to detail my model with some alpha brushes that I found over the web. I`m not sure about it, but I think that making such details would be best to do in surface mode. I`m using Extrude Clay tool in Live Clay Tools. And I dont understand some things: - sometimes I can see that this tool is increasing resolution and sometimes it doesnt - alphas that I found are in quite high resolution ( about 3000px) but when I extrude them they are "pixelated", blurred or jagged. How can I force 3Dcoat to always increase resolution and how to to use those alphas as a sharp and crisp images?
  7. Like I said, I dont want to offend anybody. I just thought to ask if someone know something that I missed. Also, I just wanted to share how fresh user may feel when approaching to 3DCoat. I think that such feedback can be quite valueable to 3DCoat developers. I really believe that you know what you do, but as I know from experience, sometimes designer (or developer in this case) may forgot that after all every project / software is for end user:) Cheers!
  8. In my regular job I work as packaging designer with Cinema4D + Vray with Keyshot. But I think that 3Dcoat will not be very useful in that field for me. But for some time I try to make some side projects. My goal is to start working on science fiction / space ship / hard surface stuff. I know that with 3DCoat I could achieve this goal in no time, but... I need to get know with the software which for now is quite a pain. For the last year I took some courses to some different softwares (Marvelous, Octane, Substances, ZBrush, Blender + Hard Ops, etc) and I must sadly say that 3DCoat has worst tutorial / course database. All of these software are quite complicated ones, but either users or developers themself created decent courses that allows to learn their software in no time. And here we are with the 3DCoat. Yes, there are a lot of tutorials but most of them are deprecated as 3DCoat developers tend to make a dozen of changes within only one version update. Take a 3Dsmax, Maya or even ZBrush for example. You can watch 3,4,5 year tutorial and still you can go along. Sure, sometimes some tools can change, but not at this level. Yesterday I watched 1 year old tutorial of Anton Tenitsky and it was outdated already and I could'nt follow along with it. Dont get me wrong, I know that I`m fresh user and I dont want to offend developers in any way. It is just weird to me, that even if developers tends to change their software so often they should create a platform that allows fresh users to undestrand what is going on. Without it, 3Dcoat is a great software but only for "hardcore" fans and users. Rest of us will just bounce of it very soon.
  9. Thanks Carlosan, I've seen some of those tutorial. They are quite great, but just as I said, they cover only part of the 3D coat workflow - also some of the tools are outdated. The same with the course that you wrote druh0o. I singed into pluralsight but I didnt know how to complete this course as many of the tools that Robert used was working in other way that he showed. Thats the general problem, if some tool tutorial is older then a year it is highly propabally that it will work completely different than in recent version. Sometimes I managed to find a solution over the web, but very often I just stucked without any anwser. I really like 3DCoat but its obvious to me that its authors doesnt have any idea how to present this program to new users. I know that if you have 20 or so, you can take it as a adventure. But as I`m a little older than that I would like to learn it with decent course that will allow me to dive into the software quickly.
  10. Hi, I`m just trying 3DCoat on its trial version. I think that this is great piece of software. But in my opinion it is quite hard to learn. Especially if someone would like to learn as much as it is possible in short period of time. There are a lot of tutorials over the web, but almost all of them are fragmented or outdated. What I would like to ask is, if anybody knows a good course for 3Dcoat with explanation of entire 3DCoat workflow. From voxel sculpting, by retopo, uv mapping to texturing. BTW. At the moment I try to shorten this process to only sculpt and texture, but I`m not sure is it good way of making 3d scenes in 3DCoat. It would be great if anyone would know a good hard surface course that could cover entire process of making great model or scene in 3DCoat.
  11. Hi, I use trial version of 3D coat - just want to see if it fit me. But I`m having a strange problem for now. When I use Pose tool and set Transpose option to Paint Select I cant get back to Line (or any other) modes. Setting "Transpose Mode" just disappears and I cant figure it out how I can switch back to Line option. I need to restart whole program to see this option again. Is there something I`m doing wrong?