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  1. When I import a new alpha, say a PNG of a character or image, it all gets cropped to the round paint circle. Why is that? Is there a way to decrease the scale so this doesnt happen or is it a setting somewhere? As you can see my decals get cut off that I import to use as Alphas, but the blue character I import is not. The brush circle cuts it off. How do I fix this? I had to re-install my computer and I cant remember how I fixed this before. But I know it can be fixed.
  2. Turns out it was operator error since I had not rebuilt my computer in years and when I had upgraded to Win10 Pro a few years back my 3DCoat already ran as expected on Win 7 Pro. I never bothered to check and remember that the version I purchased had that bug or feature gimped at the time.
  3. I found it was the version. This was a known issue in 4.7.19, which is when I purchased the app years ago. I needed to update, but had yet to do that since updating my computer after rebuilt. Resolved now.