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  1. No paint objects, just my retopo reference mesh. This has happened on many different models over the course of several months, both on my home computer and my work desktop. Both have the same graphics card (RTX2070 Super), which I can only assume is the one major relevant factor.
  2. I've had this issue occur on both DX and OpenGL.
  3. Hi. For months now I've been increasingly experiencing an issue with retopo room where the model will suddenly fly offscreen and the room starts glitching out, and the model can't usually be brought back without reloading the latest save. Video of this issue occurring: https://youtu.be/edWaZi3CbnM Sometimes repeatedly attempting to reset camera helps, but most of the time I have no choice but to load my latest save. This seems to be triggered by a newly created point going far through the reference model into the distance. Today it happened as soon as just a few minutes into starting my retop work, and then 3 more times in the following 15 minutes. I've experienced this on 2 different computers, both using an RTX2070 Super gfx card and a Wacom Cintiq, and it happens on both OpenGL and DX versions of 3Dcoat. It's made me lose quite a bit of work when I haven't been able to successfully reset the camera.