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    Resin fumes question

    Resin fumes question Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, and I've also looked around for info on my question and just come up with the standard replies of it isnt good etc. So my question is I have a friend wo recently got a 3D printer and prints for majority of the day. Hes doing it inside but next to an open door and a fan next to him. He doesnt wear a mask either. Whenever I go over his house has a constant smell of resin fumes. Its not super strong but its easily noticable. I've told him he needs to seriously do it outside and wear a mask and I get palmed away. So can anyone tell me how bad this sort of thing is for him and what could happen and how quiclky. Also how badly affected am I to do when I visit. I'm generally in a room on the opposite side of the house and only there for a few hours or so a couple times a week, and the smell is noticable but not brutal strong. Thanks for the help.