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  1. What I think is that there must be some settings of the brush that it's making it behave like this. As I said, it's working at the right opacity when painting without the stencil
  2. This is weird, to me it's not working like this. To make it more clear here's a screenshot: can you see these vertical Bands? The numbers indicate the brushstrokes needed to get that level of opacity
  3. Ambient occlusion off, doesn't seem to have nothing to do with it. The opacity of the brushstrokes is low, this means if I pass the brush another time on the same spot it sums up. That's why you see areas with higher and lower opacity in the picture. I'd like to apply the stencil at maximum opacity
  4. Alright it works the way you described me. Somehow the brushstrokes from the stencil are not at full opacity, regardless of the fact that the brush on its own already does paint at maximum opacity (red in the picture)
  5. So is the stencil only usable for modulating brush depth and transparency? I'm looking for some instrument that can be used for something like this:
  6. Hello fellow artists, I've just picked up 3D Coat Textura for and I was wondering if there's any way to paint a texure using stencils in a similar way to what you can do in blender. I've seen that there's already a way to import a png to use as stencil, but looks like it works in a different way than I expected, infact when I paint over the stencil, it works by applying depth. After disabling the depth, metalness and glossiness channels on the layer I've painted, It seems like generating a diffuse map aswell in the areas the layer where I've applied the stencil, but it's very dim and the colors are not the ones from the original png, but depend on the color of the brush selected in 3D Coat. Is there any function or setting that I'm missing here? Attached are pictures of the model before and after filling all meshes with the stencil. Also the original png file used as stencil. Sorry in advance for my scarce knowledge of the sector and eventual improperly used words, I've tried my best to explain myself
  7. Thank you this helped I changed the tablet interface from WinTab to Windowsink and that did the job. Didn't know such a thing even existed, it's the first program that behaves like this for me
  8. Forgot to mention that I'm working with 3D Coat Textura. I don't know if I can help by sending pictures/logs or other types of files, if there's anything that can help I'll send it as soon as I can
  9. Whenever I try to paint with my graphics tablet, it instead rotates the camera view around the point I've pressed. The cursor correctly displays the brush radius when hovering on the model but then it doesn't respond correctly once I press the stylus on my tablet. The issue does not occur when using the mouse.
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