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  1. Thank you for posting this thread in regards to the license. I have seen this and why I tried creating the FLOATING.license file. The machines have access to the internet, but the FLOATING.license appears to not be working. I will contact Serigii. Thank you so much for the email contact.
  2. I had sent an email to stasubf@gmail.com (which was outlined in the licensing email) and support@pilgway.com but haven't received any responses. The question I have is in regard to the licenses (for education), both the node-locked for lab and floating for our students. Our students have downloaded the 30 Trial/Learning version to begin working on their laptops before the licenses arrived. Now that the licenses have arrived, how do I utilize the floating license information so the students and license the copy they have downloaded. Not sure what the procedure should be. I was able to get one of the floating licenses working by saving the license into a text file called: FLOATING.license. This only worked on one computer (which shows: Floating [used, 1 of 10] in the top left corner), but did not work on the others (which only shows: Learning). Also not sure about the procedure for the node-locked licenses. Is there information online that outlines a step-by-step process for licensing version 2021 for both Floating and Node-Based?
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