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  1. peterkonig

    A few sculpts...

    Ah...good idea..I'll try that.
  2. peterkonig

    A few sculpts...

    I have retopo'd others...these are all just whipped out for the purpose of the 2d image, so not on these. Also I'm exporting dense quads for 3d printing...check out the attached image...
  3. peterkonig

    A few sculpts...

    Yeah...I'm going batshit in that way too definitely! Just having fun figuring out hard surface stuff because I haven't done as much of that in the past.
  4. Hi...been using 3d coat for making 3d concepts for a while. I usually do a Zbrush and Photoshop pass as well, just for sake of speed. Here's a few recent hard surface tests. Hope you guys like them: - Pete Valve Software.