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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if any of you caught the commotion this week on CGTalk forums..basically the moderator Leigh banned some guy and he made some explicit posts about her from trolling accounts.. Now this guy was totally out of line, but it did make me think. After doing some research on Google I discovered that she has banned a HUGE amount of people..some of them completely uncalled for, for expressing their opinions... Even on Facebook there are discussion groups about her, hate groups so to speak..they all say the same thing...that she banned them for a trivial matter, without warning.. I mean come on, if you have a person like this in your company (Ballistic) causing so much hate and discontentment in the forum, surely you should let her go? I for one never get involved in those cgtalk threads(read only), but I feel she is completely unprofessional and a very hate filled person..
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