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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys. Please take a look at this. I decided to make this thread when I have found this work by J0linar. http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10817 It is enough for me. I am tired. Just ENOUGH!!! Of course you know the artists and works which I have posted here as an examples. Or at least you know something similar, because I point at the main stream of CG art. (Remove spaces in youtube-links, I don't want the embedded player to appear within the message) So... Please tell me, why THOUSANDS of artists paint and sculpt nothing except freaks, monsters, weapon, different kinds of violence? Why you, guys, are absolutely ignoring the real world? Why THOUSANDS of artists find their artistic interest only in violence, military spaceships and deformity?!! Ok, you are expecting to find the inspiration or fame at that resource, right? http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=3nLp4ZP_6FY http://www.sketchtheatre.com/carlos-ramos/carlos-ramos-02/ Is it inspirational? Is it beautiful in any meaning? The games... The main themes are violence and war. So much efforts of artists, another reality is created, a lot of objects modelled and textured, so much money spent in the development of the code, stories told, all just to enable the player to kill someone. http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=PjqsYzBrP-M Again, the main theme is NOT the friendship, love or something good. Main subject is the violence! The legend at the beginning of the video is just fooling us. Not the aliens really have arrived, but actually the player sits with this game at the computer and kills, kills, kills. http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=qYDmq1TeDFs The well-known magazine. Hundreds of pages with excellent interviews, so much talented people are featured in the articles. But what they do really? To what do they invest their talent? http://shop.3dtotal.com/magazines/2dartist-magazine/2dartist-issue075-mar-2012-download-only.html It seems that the concept art and entertainment industry was made in order NOT to let people to have inspiration and joy, think about real issues and real ways to live together in peace. People are prohibited to know something different than comic books, blockbusters (violence, violence, violence and special effects to decorate the violence, to make it appropriate to the taste) and computer games (violence, freaks, violence, freaks and violence again). The killer's image nowadays has no soul, but has a carefully designed style. Killing became a STYLE nowadays, do you understand me? The killer (mage, knight, soldier, whatever) is usually depicted with a lot of decorative elements, but kills apriori, with no doubts. No one cares about the truth of the relationships between one and other sides of conflicts, no cons and pros, no dialogue. You are unable to find another way in the game. Just hatred and kill, illuminated and illustrated carefully with billions of poligons, lens flare effects and music. Ah! Furthermore. Love's meaning was degraded only to the sexuality in it's explicit form. http://cghub.com/images/view/190414/ No love! In the field of CG industry you are allowed only to paint hot chicks, stylised pin-up and so on. The creation of modern myths goes on. Maybe you think it isn't serious? http:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=Y_KGx0RYvDM Of course Russians are terrorists, yes! I am personally a badass terrorist, yeah. Because only terrorists want back "good old Soviet Union days". Then Hillary is laughing when she sees a terrible death of Gaddafi, and he was a leader of the independent country, btw. Was he good or bad, but he was not an alien gloomy monster. And of course USA is the one and only light of freedom and democracy, while the administration supports warfare all around the globe. The wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, support of "Friends of Syria" (don't you know about their real terroristic attempts to overcome "non democratic regime" of Assad?). But all the artists somehow are not exploring the truth, even in the sketchbooks. The mass culture always gives you something fantastic and bright, isn't it? http://puckducker.deviantart.com/art/Metal-Gear-Rex-Final-Renders-27734152 http://iunewind.deviantart.com/art/Mad-scorpion-Gold-Edition-98196991 Do you really think that war looks like this? Do you appreciate this? http://monsitj.deviantart.com/art/The-explorer-20703840 http://mikedoscher.deviantart.com/art/Siege-Mecha-Render-94312083 http://omen2501.deviantart.com/art/Shrapnel-117159284 http://omen2501.deviantart.com/art/Snatch-94494345 Do you think it is cool to spend your time and talent to make something like this? http://cghub.com/images/view/362789/ http://cghub.com/images/view/342132/ http://cghub.com/images/view/356579/ http://cghub.com/images/view/335305/ I am asking: WHY? Who forces you to sculpt freaks instead of something meaningful? Why you are using such a great tools and your talent just to sculpt freaks, decorate violence, hide it's pain and injustice? Why you are not exploring beautiful aspects of the real life? Why every one artist goes all the way to the virtual world while the reality is covered with cultural taboos? Why? Who forces personally YOU to go that way? Who attracts your attention with "beautiful fantastic world" filled with knights of all kinds, mages of all levels, dragons with a bunches of twisted horns and teeth? Why so much false? Is it a kind of obsession or what? Btw I am not even a christian or whatever. The question has nothing to do with religion or someone's commandments. I am just wondering, because I cant even turn on the TV without getting frustrated.
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