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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have a quick question that I am hoping to get some help with...does 3D Coat Textura automatically add gamma to exported images? I am looking for a way to keep a strictly Linear Workflow going into Unity, by keeping all my images with gamma not being applied (good for data files, like metalness/roughness, etc.), then I would add a post-processing at the very end to gamma correct everything. I am assuming a 16-bit/32-bit format like a Tiff or EXR would be best so the color gamut doesn't get clamped by 8-bit (prevents "Banding" in Linear workplace). If there is no option, or workaround, then I might just stick with TGA files and convert sRGB in Unity, or at least that is my thought process. If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated. I may also be thinking about this way too deep than what is actually needed. Thank You, Rudy Edit: I addition, my Preferences in Textura are set to use ACES Color Management, and the line above, the gamma correction is set to 1.00 for the red/green/blue channels. I am assuming then that Textura runs in a Linear mode already? However, in Unity, when I uncheck the sRGB Texture box to take the gamma conversion away, the texture becomes washed out. Trying to figure out where the issue may be - could be in Unity. (Project is set to Linear within Unity too.) Thanks!
  2. 3dsmax & Vray Workflow with 3ds max: QUESTIONS & Answers HD Video with QUESTIONS to 3D Coat, Linear Workflow and re-producing Vray Shaders inside 3dsmax. My website on which I am going to post all my progress and document step by step a workaround and solution: http://www.bernhardrieder.com/3d-coat/ Questions I hope I am going to get answered : What Gamma values do have the exported texture maps from 3d coat ? What texture map should be used in which slot of a Vray Shader ? Thanks a lot for any little help, hints, tips and tricks ! Happy Pixeling
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